Valve wants PS3 “open like a Mac,” not “closed like a Gamecube”
posted on 05.19.10 at 03:31 PM EST by (@salromano)

Half-Life and Portal developer Valve would like to see Sony’s PlayStation 3 console become “more open like a mac” rather than “more closed like a Gamecube”, explained company CEO Gabe Newell in a recent interview with 5BY5.

“Platform investments, like the Mac, are difficult because you have to be aware of what direction that platform is moving. We need to target platforms that do a better job of looking like where we want to be in a few years,” Newell explained.

“We would love to see the PS3 be more open like a Mac than more closed like a Gamecube. It makes it easier to justify those investments if that were the case.”

Valve has always been known for their generally negative attitude towards PS3. If I’m reading this correctly, PS3 isn’t where Valve wants to be in a few years… wherever that may be. Odd, since Valve recently stated that it was “sure down the road“, they’ll develop for the Sony platform.

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  • incredibilistic

    Valve can go f*** themselves. They’re so wrapped up in their hatred for Sony that they’ll come up with any excuse not to support the console.

    And if a Gamecube is a closed system then so is the Wii since it’s basically the same exact architecture with motion controls. And for that matter all the Nintendo handhelds are closed too.

    And way to stay current Valve. You’re comparing the PS3 to a system that’s been a non-factor for almost 5 years.

    So by Valve’s stance any system not running Windows is a bad investment. Interesting considering Microsoft all but admitted that their inspiration for Vista and Windows 7 was based on the Mac OS.

    I don’t know, there’s just no justifying the insanely high level of stupidity that Valve holds so dear.

  • MooMetal

    Lol, this reminds me of some article that said “Valve is too stupid to program for the PS3”.

  • Newell is a moron

    Doesn’t even make any sense.
    I’m 99% convinced he is just trolling now.

    What a pathetic moron, shut the fuck up about the PS3 already.