inFAMOUS 2 teased for next issue of ROPS [Update]
posted on 05.29.10 at 10:07 AM EST by (@salromano)

The latest issue of Portugal’s PlayStation: The Official Magazine is teasing the reveal of inFAMOUS 2 in their next issue. The magazine ends with a picture showing the eyes of the first game’s protagonist Cole MacGrath and the following words underneath: “The announcement of a great PlayStation 3 exclusive sequel in the next ROPS.”

ROPS is the Portuguese abbreviation for the magazine.

I can’t say I’m surprised. Especially after the domain registrations. Although, I will say I hope this doesn’t mean E3 is going to be infected with sequelitis.

Thanks, Yoshiro.

Update 4:39pm: I’ve changed the title to “teased for” rather than “to be revealed in”. In my excitement, I posted this as if I was sure it would be inFAMOUS 2. However, there is a slim chance it might not be and I wouldn’t want you guys taking my word for it, then finding my home tee-peed if it doesn’t happen. I don’t have yard cleaners.

Update 5/31 10:37am: It’s definitely inFAMOUS 2. Here’s that picture of Cole McGrath’s eyes.

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  • Could be interesting.

  • incredibilistic

    I understand your argument against sequels but if you really think about it people are normally more excited for sequels than they are new franchises. With a new franchise you may think you’ll love it but it could be a dud. Versus a sequel to a game you loved that’s being revisited.

    Just ask any Call of Duty or Halo fan if they’d rather play a brand new, unproven franchise or see a new game in one of those universes.

    My worry, again, is that more stuff is being leaked before E3 leaving almost nothing to the imagination for Sony.

    • Sal

      I hear your argument, but what I’d prefer them do is either introduce a new franchise or give us sequels from last gen games.

      You know. Sly Cooper. Jak & Daxter. Dark Cloud. Those are the titles I want to see this generation.

  • I am with Sal on this. This has been my biggest complaint. There doesn’t seem like there will be a Twisted Metal, Sly Cooper, or Jak and Daxter which would be awesome to see in this generation but…

    We seem to be getting more sequels of everything already realized this generation such as Killzone 3, Resistance 3, Uncharted 3, LittleBIGPlanet 2, Infamous 2, and surprisingly Pixeljunk Shooter 2.

    Im not saying im not excited about many of them sequels. I am but it bothers me when its a sequel fest, especially when even 360 is again doing it with Fable, Halo, and Gears.

  • Panicradar

    I’m very excited for Infamous 2, the first was awesome. And since we’re bring up sequels…Radiata Stories 2 anyone? Come on kicking things…in HD!!!!! Could it get any better?

  • matsuki

    lol i am yoshiro :3