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Grand Theft Auto V prepping E3 reveal?
posted on 05.31.10 at 10:26 AM EST by (@salromano)

An e-mail from a tipster named “mrblack” sent in to European gaming site Gamereactor suggests that Take-Two is preparing the unveiling of Grand Theft Auto V at next month’s Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.

I would understand getting excited over this, but as Gamereactor points out, there are reasons to be skeptical.

For one: why would someone take a physical picture of the computer screen rather than use the print screen key on the keyboard? Two: whenever Rockstar shows anything at E3, it’s usually under their own publishing name rather than Take-Two, which is shown in the picture. Three: if this were some sort of official E3 document, why the hell is it an image file rather than Word document or PDF? Although, the possibility that they may have converted the PDF to an image stands, but you’ll end up asking yourself why they’d bother.

The image in question can be found below. Judge it’s validity on your own part. I’d say it’s a no show, but as negative as I sound, I hope I’m wrong.

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