The Agency to get new intel "very soon, like weeks" - Gematsu
The Agency to get new intel “very soon, like weeks”
posted on 04.01.10 at 12:08 AM EST by (@salromano)

New information of Sony Online Entertainment’s massively multiplayer online game The Agency is set to arrive “very soon” or “in like weeks”, if SOE President John Smedley is to be believed.

“Here’s an interesting comment I’ll make. You’re going to see something around The Agency very soon, like weeks,” John Smedley, President of Sony Online Entertainment told GameTrailers. “And I mean playing within weeks. And the MMO itself, you’re going to be seeing that, I don’t want to give an exact time frame – when we’re ready to release it. We’re really proud of the progress it’s made and happy with it internally, but we’re not going to put it out there until we feel we’ve got something better than everything else. That’s going to take as long as it takes.”

Let’s hope we get a 2010 release date. Feels like we’ve been waiting on this for years.

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  • incredibilistic

    I totally forgot about this game. Haven’t seen anything on it for over a year.

    Hopefully the wait will be worth it.

  • incredibilistic

    I just watched the interview and it’s very disjointed.

    On the one hand he says that you’ll be playing something in weeks but then ends his statement with, “it’ll take as long as it takes until it’s ready”. Wait, what?

    Make up your mind. Either we’ll be playing it in weeks or in months and since he isn’t willing to reveal a release time frame he’s contradicting himself by saying that we’ll be seeing it in weeks.

    I think I just gave myself a headache.