Persona 5’s main character is an introvert [Update]
posted on 04.30.10 at 06:23 AM EST by (@salromano)

Update: False alarm, folks. Our linked source has made a mix-up. Turns out they were talking about Persona 3 Portable for PSP. Even though it’s not really our fault, I apologize.

Original: The latest issue of Japan’s Dengeki Magazine features a new interview where someone from the Atlus team decides they’d like to tease the next Persona.

Last month, Persona director Katsura Hasino revealed to Degenki PlayStation that a new Persona was in development.

According to the interview, the team had originally wanted to make the main character’s personality more optimistic in comparison to previous games, however due to the story’s development, they’ve gone with the introverted personality. He’ll have a hair covering one of his eyes and will be slightly slouched due to this.

Aegis, who comes from before Persona 3: FES, returns as one of the main character’s closest friends.

If anything, the main character of the new Persona sounds just like that of Persona 3. An exact description, actually.

Thanks, LH Yeung.

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  • orrange

    LOL a persona protagonist that’s a loner, this is going to be interesting.

  • MrSound

    i cant wait for this game anymore…

  • @mrsound
    Well…………… gonna have to wait…….who knows how much sadly.

  • MrSound

    really…….arghh thats bad news LOL

  • Sal

    I liked Persona 4’s main character. He was pretty bad ass and didn’t look like he was seeing a psychologist every Thursday and Sunday.