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SOCOM 4 announced for PlayStation 3
posted on 03.04.10 at 03:38 PM EST by (@salromano)

Zipper Interactive, developers of the recent MAG as well as past SOCOM games, has announced SOCOM 4 today. This appears to be the “surprise Sony sequel” that will make its video debut on GameTrailers TV tonight.

SOCOM 4 will retain the pillars of previous SOCOM games like “team work, authenticity and innovative online play”, but also bring along new experiences.

Zipper claims “you’ve never played a SOCOM game like this.”

The story takes place ins South East Asia, where a revolutionary army has taken control of one of the world’s most important waterways. With a threat towards directed at the economy, it’s up to players as the Ops Com, to take it back.

SOCOM 4 comes with a full single-player story mode, an online mode with matches up to 32 players, both with a promise that “the realism of the experience will be second to none.”

The trailer debuts on GameTrailers TV tonight. The first three screenshots can be seen at the gallery.

SOCOM 4: It’s Official! [PlayStation.Blog]

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  • incredibilistic

    I just saw this on Joystiq and was about to come back here to comment.

    SOCOM 4. Meh…

    I’ll probably pass. Never really been all that excited about the SOCOM franchise and I’m not sure anyone really cares about this game anymore.

    I’m more excited for Spec Ops than yet another SOCOM game. I think the franchise has been diluted with too many PSP iterations.

  • TruTrini4LYFE

    WTF..this shit….just wat we need…more shooters

  • Eric

    To both of you I wholeheartedly disagree. First off the PSP versions are irrelevant to those who play the console games. They are completely different and dont see how you can really compare the two besides in name…

    Zipper makes shooters. Dont cry about it. When Naughty Dog wants to make a this gen Jak and Daxter or whatever game for whatever company than so be it. No need to cry over a company doing what they always set out to do.

    As for me and cant be any less excited. This is a true sequel to SOCOM since the ps2. Confrontation was made by Slant 6 and now Zipper is making a return and a full fledged sequel. Love SOCOM so I cant wait.

    The market might have a lot of shooters but for me I could care less about COD, etc. SOCOM is the only game I come back to and cant wait.

    • Sal

      The whole full-fledged thing really gets me going. A new SOCOM with a full single-player and the online component.

      Brings me back to the PS2 days, playing SOCOM 3 with my cousin just about everyday.