Majin: The Fallen Realm media shows man and beast
posted on 03.24.10 at 06:04 AM EDT by (@salromano)

A young man fighting alongside a beast that looks like it has moss growing all over it’s body. A beast that can blow fire and generate electricity. You’ll never see a more beautiful thing. So why not take a look at today’s new media for Namco Bandai and Game Republic’s Majin: The Fallen Realm?

It’s from the developers of Folklore, you know.

Check out the screenshots at the gallery.

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    This game is going to be a high art masterpiece, along with Folklore & Genji….


    I love how Game Republic makes love to color. I’m sick of all these brownish/grayish games. HD TV’s look way better with vibrant images anyways….


    HOLY #@%$!!!!!!! THIS LOOKS SO AMAZING IN MOTION! Game Republic does such cool fantasy. Majin is now officially my most anticipated title along with The Last Guardian….

  • This looks fantastic. I love the work of Game Republic, I feel they are a very underated developer. I’m hoping that this will turn out to be the next game like their (imo) masterpeice Folkllore – I absolutely adored that game.

    Unfortunately, as I write this the video is no longer available, but the screens look really vibrant and artisitc. I completely agree with FAUNA on the use of colour too.

  • Love GR, Brave Story was great, Folklore was a good game too.
    Dont know why but Majin (the character) makes me remember Aladin, he he he he.