Bodycount announced by the creators of Black - Gematsu
Bodycount announced by the creators of Black
posted on 03.07.10 at 01:39 PM EST by (@salromano)

Stuart Black promised to reveal his new shooter soon and in the latest issue of OXM UK, he did. In development by the team at Codemasters Guildford and headed by Stuart Black, Bodycount is described as a “spectacular and frankly mental first-person shooter.” Other phrases mentioned include “astonishing,” “insane,” and “the ultimate shooter.”

The game’s being built on the Codemasters EGO engine, seen prior in games like GRID and Operation Flashpoint 2.

And unfortunately, that’s all we know. The announcement was actually leaked on the OXM UK official website. The page was taken down but thanks to Google’s cache (and NeoGAF), we were able to grab hold of what was written. A reveal in the next issue of OPM UK is expected, as well.

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  • incredibilistic

    Note to all webmasters: Check with EVERYONE before posting ANYTHING!!!

    I like that you were able to capture the information before it was taken down but I’m starting to question the intelligence of some of these webmasters that continue to post things to sites seemingly without permission only to take it down minutes or hours later.

    Case in point: the PSPGo video that was part of the Qore magazine, the PS3 Facebook update (that you actually caught) and now this. Those are the examples that immediately come to mind but I’m sure there are more unintentional postings than that.

    As for the game, Black was a really great game and I’ve actually considered buying a used copy (I have a 60GB PhatStation 3) so I hope they can bring some of that energy to this new game.


    Great, another FPS…..”astonishing destruction”, “insane action”, “ultimate shooter”…..& it’s call Bodycount? Are you serious?!? This is ridiculous. How are people not sick of these kind of garbage games yet? Let’s have more artistic, stylish, fantasy titles that focus on story, ‘world’ exploration, & unique experiences. The only good thing here is the EGO Engine. Anyways, I thought CRITERION developed BLACK (which is yet another unneeded FPS). Sorry, I try not to add to the majority of people’s negativity in these comments, but something need to be done about this FPS/shooter/military/modern/realism game obsession….

    • Sal

      Criterion did develop Black. However, Stuart Black (the game’s creator) headed the team.

      Bodycount is in development at Codemasters Guildford, but Stuart Black is heading the project and some of the guys who worked on Black are on the development team.