Final Fantasy XII sequel Fortress in development at Square Enix - Gematsu
Final Fantasy XII sequel Fortress in development at Square Enix
posted on 01.17.10 at 12:25 AM EST by (@salromano)

It was already known that a Final Fantasy spin-off was in development at Bionic Commando developer GRIN before the studio shutdown. However, details and video of that game, which is apparently a sequel to Final Fantasy XII, have come out tonight.

Titled FORTRESS, the game is currently still in development at an unnamed studio for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. This Final Fantasy is different, taking the game to an action genre in the world of Ivalice.

It actually doesn’t look half bad. Take a look at the video after the break.

Thanks, NeoGAF.

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  • Well this looks….interesting, of course it’s only early footage from the looks of it, but it looks like it could have a lot of promise if pulled off correctly.

    • final_fantasy_fan

      I had no idea a sequel was in development for FFXII.
      The Chocobo venturing looks pretty cool. It’s early stages so my interest for this will be put on hold untill further info is announced. After XIII is released and i’ve completed it, my interest will than turn towards Versus XIII and XIV Online.

      Still this is pretty big news for Final Fantasy fans even after hearing that Final Fantasy unsure of the future announcement with Wada.

  • Spartacus

    Well the video has been removed by Square Enix. But you can still find it on various file hosts: