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EA CEO confirms Mirror’s Edge 2, talks innovation
posted on 12.03.09 at 01:19 PM EST by (@salromano)


EA CEO John Riccitiello has confirmed this week that Mirror’s Edge, DICE’s 2008 take on a first-person game, will indeed have a sequel, even sharing information on the design problems of the game the developers are currently tackling.

“We’re still working through things like how to best deal with Mirror’s Edge 2,” he said during a Wednesday morning interview in New York. “There are some things we learned about that [first] game. It was, I think, a massively innovative product. To be honest with you, I think it’s a game that deserves to come back.”

When the first game released in late 2008, it didn’t do so hot in sales, selling a light amount during the holidays. While the game was innovative, great and something original, it just didn’t sell well.

“Innovation doesn’t mean it all works the first time,” he said. “If it did everyone would do it.”

Let’s hope all goes well the second time around.

“Innovation is a lot of times about getting so far, stepping back, assessing and then moving forward. And that’s what I’m proud is happening at EA every day,” he closed.

EA CEO: Mirror’s Edge “Deserves To Come Back,” Design At Crossroads [Kotaku]

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  • incredibilistic

    I have a feeling the sequel will be awesome and sell very well. The franchise does have a limited cult following and since it’s an EA product I’m sure they’ll market the crap out of it so that it reaches the masses.

    I don’t think it’ll be done that soon but so long as they stay away from March they’ll be fine. We’ll have FFXIII and God of War III that month. Time to put in for vacation ;)


    Sequel requests:

    1) Keep same vivid graphic/art style, sci-fi world, & ambient music (yet updated/evolved).

    2) Use real in-engine cutcenes (the art cinemas were cool if they were only higher quality).

    3) Maybe get rid of the guns entirely? (DON”T GO FPS!)

    4) Maybe go open world?

    5) Maybe include a 3rd person view (option)?

    • Sal

      Many people would probably oppose that fifth request since the game is made specifically to bring a different perspective to the FPS genre.

      I would also have to disagree. I wouldn’t even want the option.

    • I definately agree that the game should keep the art style of the first, and I personally loved the cutscenes.

      I agree too that the game should in no way try to become more “FPS” like. I remember Cliffy B saying he felt Mirrors Edge needed more shooting, and I couldnt disagree more. Though I must say, I thought the idea of only having a gun for a short period etc was a good thought.

      • Sal

        I liked the fact that you didn’t have a gun.

        Gun violence just needs to stop!

        Seriously, though. No guns made Mirror’s Edge a special game, different as I’ve said before.

        Faith doesn’t seem like the kind of person to be running around blowing guys brains out, either.

        • Agreed, I just really hope the devs feel the same way and don’t turn the game into an FPS.