Rumor: Facebook, Gamercard colors in next PS3 FW update [Update: Real]
posted on 11.11.09 at 10:24 AM EDT by (@salromano)


Update: Looks like these shots were taken directly from the PlayStation website itself. Link here, here and here. It’s real.

Original: Facebook integration, the ability to change your gamercard colors, and more are coming to PlayStation 3 via a new firmware update, if these images from an anonymous tipster are to be believed.

The leaked images show the ability to manage your Facebook in your PlayStation Network account settings, change the color of your PlayStation Network gamercard and display a new, more sufficient way of looking through your photos.

Consider this a rumor right now, but the shots look pretty damn legit.

PS3-Update-Rumor-Shot_01 PS3-Update-Rumor-Shot_02 PS3-Update-Rumor-Shot_03

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  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    It would be nice to change the color of the card. What happened to the premium avatars?

  • Eric

    I want to remove or change the box colors on the friends list….could care less about the gamercard…..

  • kensama

    You say “Update: Looks like these shots were taken directly from the PlayStation website itself. Link here, here and here. It’s real.”

    But since when in UK and Official Site the menu of the Playstation 3 are in spanish language???

    I think, news this rumor like you.

    • Sal

      They have a bunch of shots in different languages.

  • kensama

    It’s not Spanish but Portuguese

  • comedian

    Just saw Scrawlfx as a source of video game information. Just wanted to say congratulations to Sal who has steered Scrawl into a viable source of video game information :)

  • incredibilistic

    Good work Sal. Saw this story referenced by Joystiq!!! But you’ve always been top notch in my book.

    As for FB it seems that Microsoft may have to change their tune if this indeed is on the way to the PS3. When MS was asked about Netflix coming to the PS3 they cited FB and Twitter as offering things that were, and I quote, “generations ahead” of PSN.

    If FB does happen for the PS3 it’ll be one less feather in Microsoft’s cap.

    Still not sure FB belongs on a console but if Sony’s offering it for free I’ll take it. I just wonder if this will make it out this year since Eric Lempel’s team is supposed to be taking a break from major firmware updates until next year.

    Oh, and screw the color change. I’d rather have a completely redesigned gamercard. The current one sucks big time.

  • David Macphail

    I don’t care about Facebook but the ability to change your Gamercard colours is pretty awesome.

  • Yeah it seems most people aren’t actually interested in the Facebook part, myself included. However I’m sure some people will love it. Good idea with the colour changing though.

    Also congrats on the reference by Joystiq! :)

    • Sal

      Facebook’s great and all and it’s a welcome addition, but I’d really like to see cross-game chat before anything.

      That, getting those gray borders removed on my friends list, and the ability to change my PSN name. =P

  • incredibilistic

    Looks like the links are dead. Same deal over at Joystiq too. The links take you nowhere. But don’t worry. I believe you. My guess is that Sony pulled the pictures after they realized that they’d let something slip out early… AGAIN!!!!

    How this keeps happening is beyond me. How can they continue to make silly mistakes like this? It’s one thing to send an email to the wrong people or hit the Reply All button accidentally but to post pictures to a website takes a little more effort and planning. How did the webmaster get the photos? Who converted screenshots into something as simple and accessible as JPEG images? If they didn’t want them leaked the easiest thing would’ve been to create a PDF with the same images (and maybe a description) then secure it with a password so only a select few have access to it.

    If Sony were an accounting firm I wouldn’t trust them with one cent of my money for fear of the account number and access codes being texted to everyone at a rave.