Resonance of Fate clip shows backstory, player customization - Gematsu
Resonance of Fate clip shows backstory, player customization
posted on 11.13.09 at 02:40 PM EST by (@salromano)


Sega has released a new promotional video for Resonance of Fate today, giving players a good introduction to the game as well as a look at the background stories of the game’s heroes. Unless you understand Japanese, you won’t really understand it, but it’s still a good watch. Of course, there’s gameplay including world roaming and battle footage, something about a Guild system, character customization, and much more.

It’s six minutes long. Sit back, relax.

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    I absolutely love the steampunk/clockwork art style of this game. Much love to Tri-Ace (please make a Valkyire Profile sequel next!).

  • wow, Love it! I wish I knew what he was saying though! lol

    The art direction is superb, and knowing Tri Ace the finished product will be fantastic. It reminds me a bit of the VP series witr the 2D esque exploration, which is of course a good thing!


    I can’t wait for this game, Anything created by Square Enix or tri-Ace i will buy without question.

    Loved Valkyrie Profile 1 and 2. Brillient RPG’s