VGA's 09 "going to be announcing a lot of games" - Gematsu
VGA’s 09 “going to be announcing a lot of games”
posted on 10.22.09 at 01:21 PM EST by (@salromano)


Last year’s VGA’s brought some heavy exclusives such as the reveal the reveal of Dante’s Inferno, Uncharted 2 and Fight Night Round 4. This year’s promises big reveals, just as last years, and even some unannounced new games.

“We haven’t announced any exclusives but I promise you we’ve got some amazing stuff,” Keighley told Coin-Op TV.

“And one cool thing this year is we’re actually going to be announcing a lot of games at the show. There are some games that are announced you haven’t seen yet you might see at the show. But we’re actually going to break a lot of news at the VGA’s, it’s gonna be sort of like E3.”

“We’re going to tell you somethings in advance, but other things you’re going to have to tune in and see what we have to reveal,” he teased, even saying “It’s all about the tease!”

Sounds like a great early Christmas present.

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