BioWare issues ‘no comment’ on Mass Effect 2 PS3 listings
posted on 10.11.09 at 08:30 PM EDT by (@cyncronized)


BioWare has responded to the recent listings for Mass Effect 2 on PlayStation 3 being displayed on both Electronic Arts Russia and GAME UK. It’s not a denial, so it does make us a bit suspicious. A user on the official BioWare forums, linking to us, asked BioWare what they have to say about the listings.

BioWare’s Patrick Weekes responded, “That we don’t comment on rumors. :-)”

The ‘no comment’ makes us suspicious. They’re sill not denying a PlayStation 3 version. That sly smiley face adds even greater to the suspicion.

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  • comedian

    Why do we have three people linking to three different websites that re in three different languages (spanish, italian, no f****ing clue)?

    Anyway, would be awesome to have Mass Effect on Ps3 :)

    • Sal

      Those are trackbacks. I got to figure out a way to get those out of the way.

  • incredibilistic

    If they didn’t want to arouse any suspicion the smiley face didn’t help their cause. Then again they could screwing with PS3 owners on purpose which would be cruel and unusual punishment as I’m sure Bioware is well aware that PS3 owners would turn out in droves to get their hands on this game. Forget that part one was never released on the system, people would still buy the sequel.

    If Naughty Dog to could squeeze Uncharted 2 onto a couple DVDs I’m sure 360 owners would be lining up to get their hands on the game even if they never got a chance to play the first one.

    • David Macphail

      The difference is Naughty Dog are owned by Sony so Uncharted 2 will never appear on any rival console whereas Bioware are third party meaning they can stick the game on any platform they like.

      Usually “No comment.” = confirmation, although if Mass Effect 2 IS coming to the PS3 i hope they will port over the first one as well.