Bayonetta Famitsu score is real – 360 40/40, PS3 38/40
posted on 10.20.09 at 08:26 PM EDT by (@salromano)


That perfect score for Bayonetta is no hoax. This week’s issue of Famitsu has leaked tonight and the scans prove that Bayonetta did in fact receive a perfect 40/40… on Xbox 360, at least. The PlayStation 3 version of the game wasn’t as up to par, according to Famitsu, scoring the game a 38/40.

Your scans are below.


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  • RoboShinKen

    Bayonetta’s A Great Game! But, They Look The Same For Both. I’ve Noticed Whenever Famitsu Does Comparisons The Xbox360s’ Score Is Always Higher. >.>

  • incredibilistic

    That does it for me. I’m DEFINITELY buying a 360 now. I just can’t bare the thought of playing a game (that’s really nothing more than Devil May Cry with a stripper wearing school teacher glasses and gun-stiletto heels) that’s a whole 2 points lower.

  • Yeah I’ll never understand why some reviews always rate games/ports a couple of points different from one another. I mean apart from minor things like small framerate changes, slighty sharper etc, what differences could there be to warrant 2 points removed?

  • Bizwhap

    Man, it makes me sad that Microsoft’s endless wallet has expanded towards the land of the rising sun. It’s no secret here, right? I’m not the only one who realizes it’s just Microsoft’s ability to spread wealth, right?? C’mon…..

    Oh, MS… perhaps they can squeeze a couple extra frames per second out of your failing hardware, but is it really worth the fifty million$$$$$ plus+++++?????????

    Eh, whatever….




  • DavidGX

    It probably got two less points because it doesn’t look or run quite as good as the 360 version. You people need to remove the tin foil hats and relax. I know you love the PS3 and all but it’s getting a little weird.