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Sony answers PS3 firwmare v3.0 questions
posted on 09.08.09 at 05:13 PM EST by (@salromano)


The European PlayStation.Blog has done a little Q&A on firmware 3.0, as we reported yesterday; however it doesn’t seem to provide any answers to the questions we really have, besides maybe one or two.

The Q&A basically tells you how to turn off some of the features you may not like such as the sparkles in the XMB. They explain how “What’s New” isn’t just a big spot for adverts, but also a way to jump straight into a game fast (which oddly takes the same amount of time as just doing it from the XMB if it were to start at game), as well.

Finally, they do address two issues we have with firmware 3.0. Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Freezing and the abnormally big font. They said they’re working on a fix for Uncharted and are “looking at the possibility of making the [font size] changes optional.”

Other than that, they didn’t address the boxes around the friends list or the unecessary amount of PlayStation Store icons.

Firmware 3.00 Q&A [PlayStation.Blog EU]

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