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Final Fantasy XIV features PS3 and PC cross-platform play
posted on 08.26.09 at 11:44 PM EST by (@salromano)


If there’s one feature that most console and PC MMOs lack, it’s interconnectivity between both versions of the game. The PlayStation 3’s The Agency is still undecided on the feature, but Square Enix has already made up their mind about it on Final Fantasy XIV, their latest venture into the MMO world hitting PlayStation 3 and PC next year.

Square Enix Global Online Producer, Sage Sundi, has told One Last Continue that both PlayStation 3 and PC owners will be able to interact with each other in the online world, and not one limited by region, but a cross-region online world, meaning truly worldwide servers.

Considering people may have the same name on different platforms, Sage has said that they’re trying to implement a name/surname system into the game to allow people who have the same name to play on the same server.

Square Enix is gaining a lot of cred in my book with this upcoming MMO. I can only wait to hear more.

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  • FinalFantasySaga

    That’s Awesome, PC and PS3 together.
    That is what we want Square-Enix.

  • FinalFantasySaga

    Perhaps I was last time bagging the PS3 Online abit too much.
    With things like this heading in our direction, online doesn’t seem so bad after all, for RPG fans that is.

    • comedian

      I can’t wait for this. FF XIV is the only mmorpg i can imagine replacing my WoW addiction.

  • FinalFantasySaga

    I’m looking forward to this because I never really played Final Fantasy XI, and I really want to play an Online Final Fantasy this time around.
    Ofcourse this will only happen after my Final Fantasy XIII addiction.

  • FinalFantasySaga

    Dissidia comes out in Australia next week, can’t wait to play as Sephiroth.
    If Dissida does really well, I’d love to see a PS3 version with Online play sometime in the future.

    • Yeah it comes out in the UK next week too! I am very hyped for the game myself, it looks really great! a PS3 version with online play would be excellent!

      • FinalFantasy_fangirl

        I got Dissidia tuesday. Its very different than most fighters…Im having a lot fun playing it.

  • FinalFantasySaga

    Is it only local online?.
    who is your favourite character in Dissidia so far fangirl.
    Sephiroth, Ultimecia, Squall, Cloud, Kuja, Zidane, I am not to keen on Kefka, I hate clowns, I love the cool looking characters, NOT CLOWNS.