Final Fantasy XIV ‘Famitsu Wave’ Interview Pours Information
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The September 2009 edition of Famitsu Wave has released in Japan sporting a DVD containing an eight-minute segment on Final Fantasy XIV. A lot of new information has come out of the DVD and we’ve got it for you.

Eorza is the name of a region that’s the main setting of the game and as a full world, Vana’diel (from Final Fantasy XI) is naturally a little bigger. The actual world the game takes place in is called Haiderin. The style of Haiderin will be different from Vana’diel, aiming for a “high-fantasy” style setting. They want the setting to be more modern in comparison to Final Fantasy XI‘s more middle-age setting. There will be advanced technology in the world, as you’ve clearly seen from the skyships in the trailer.

The races in Final Fantasy XIV will bring on a familiar look. However, the races of Final Fantasy XI are being reimagined. The Galka-looking character you’ve seen in the trailer, will not be called a Galka, but something else. Other changes will be in order as well.

Final Fantasy XIV revolves around character growth. There will be no experience points or leveling system this time around, and a new system will come in to play. Square Enix wants to deliver an experience where new players have the freedom to try out any quest and many different things, growing naturally from their experiences. A deep story will be in tact in Final Fantasy XIV, including cut-scenes, but they’re going beyond that by also delivering a wider variety of stories and quests. They want players to enjoy the process of character growth.

Jobs were the lasting appeal of Final Fantasy XI. They want to utilize that concept, but stack more on top of it. The focus will be on weapons, determining how you play, grow, and fight. They’ll be expanding upon the basic job system. He says this also explains the Final Fantasy XIV logo, which features weapons sticking out of the name.

The main idea for Final Fantasy XIV is to provide freedom of growth through the variety of quests offered. However, players can meet up with friends and set off on adventure or they can play solo. Players won’t be left with nothing to do, bored.

Square Enix is considering large scale battles, however, regular battles will be against single enemies. During quests you can gather parties and fight against multiple foes.

The game’s music is going to be composed entirely by Uematsu.

“This will be a Final Fantasy that brings the setting to a whole new world that you can experience with the new friends you will meet.” Nobuaki Komoto, director of Final Fantasy XIV said. “I welcome you to join us in the world of Final Fantasy XIV and hope you enjoy your time there.”

“You can trust that we plan to create a world of new possibilities that redefine the MMO. I hope you’re looking forward to everything we have in store.”

According to Square Enix, there’s a secret message hidden in the trailer. Finally, you can watch the actual interview below.

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  • AlucardX24

    I think this game has a lot of potential. This “no leveling” thing seems to be just what the MMORPG needs.

    Can this be the game where players don’t have to worry about constantly grinding for XP?

  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    Im on the fence about this I would really love to play this but I’ve never played a mmo because Im anti-social when it comes to playing with others.

    • Sal

      Give it a shot. You could meet a lot of friendly people in MMOs. Of course there are unfriendly folks as well, but that’s an MMO for you.

      • FinalFantasy_fangirl

        IOk maybe… I’ll see what happens when we get a release date.

    • dragonclaw

      As a player of ffxi and fellow anti-social person, i can tell you that you should check it out. The anti-social tendencies never quite go away, but theres great benefit to being able to just log off and disapear when people annoy you. You will also make friends over time, although it will probably take a while.

      One of the great things about FFXI and im betting same with FF14 is the difficulty. Most of the immature people or “hahaha i pwn juu” 10 y/o’s quit long before hitting the higher levels of the game. Also, as a female you should probably expect some “special attention”, as many mmo players (again, especially at lower lvl) dont know how to control themselves when they think your a girl, try not to be discouraged by this.