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Take-Two President Talks Agent PS3 Exclusivity Confidence
posted on 06.06.09 at 03:46 PM EST by (@salromano)


Sony announced Rockstar at Sony’s E3 conference this week in Santa Monica. Take-Two president Ben Feder has expressed his confidence in the game being a success as a PlayStation 3 exclusive.

“At this phase in the cycle, when you’re trying to launch a new franchise, exclusivity can really help you launch the franchise”, he told Gamespot. ‘It can give you the kind of platform that you need to start exclusive, start in the right kind of way with the right kind of partner. Exclusivity does work.

“I have a lot of confidence in Sony. I have a lot of confidence in their ability to lead the market, as they always have,” he added. “Their console is a terrific platform to be developing for, and Agent is a great testament as to our belief in what that platform can do, and what they can do with us as part of a partnership.”

The game itself is going to be fantastic, according to him. It’s agreeable as well, with the Houser brothers working on the project.

“We think this has the potential to be yet another great Rockstar North franchise title. … It’s the Houser Brothers and Rockstar North. It’s the A team working on an AAA title. I think the subject matter, the characters, the story, the environment, the background–all the elements are there. It’s such a rich environment to play in.”

Take-Two grooming Agent to be the next GTA [GameSpot]

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  • masamune

    alot of confidence this year, hope the the devs can back it up

    cough cough turn 10

    • Sal

      Turn 10 was a bit cocky at this year’s E3, but if it’s as good as they say than they have a right to be. We’ll have to wait for the game’s release then, won’t we?

  • Ken

    Sounds like a very sellable, sound business plan to me. There is definitely some fascinating material to work with, it will be great having it realized in a game.

  • incredibilistic

    I think Sony should’ve just waited to even announce this because a logo is hardly cause for excitement even if it is from a well known developer.

    I also think Jack didn’t play out the FFXIV announcement quite right either. He needs to go to The Ryan Seacrest School of Long Pauses and Dramatic Announcements. He just spit it out instead of showing the trailer first then going into details about the exclusivity of the title.

    I just hope whatever they’re doing is better than GTA. Time to move onto something else. I wouldn’t mind another sandbox game but I’m sure Rockstar can come up with a different type of game.