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Star Ocean 4 Coming to PlayStation 3?
posted on 04.23.09 at 06:44 AM EST by (@salromano)


A new scan of what appears to be Star Ocean: The Last Hope for the PlayStation 3 has appeared on a dutch gaming forum. There’s no confirmation as to the legibility of this scan right now, but what it says is basically that Star Ocean: The Last Hope has been announced for PlayStation 3. This wouldn’t be surprising since the game itself was never actually labeled an Xbox 360 exclusive.

We have a bigger scan for you as well. Make what you will of it.


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  • Noctis

    I heard this is a fake

  • youzen

    Come now, a game on the PS3 from Square Enix (who published this one) that isn’t FF? HA HA, good one. I’m sure this game will be on the PS3 after The Last Remnant shows ups (ie. never).