Prototype Story Trailer Reveals All - Gematsu
Prototype Story Trailer Reveals All
posted on 04.03.09 at 02:40 PM EST by (@salromano)


Sure, all the cool things you can do in Prototype look awesome, but how’s the situation when it comes down the story? You’re Alex Mercer, who wakes up in a morgue with scientists cutting him open in an autopsy. However, Alex has no memories, so he’s off to find out who did this to him and why he can do all the amazing things he can do. He is able to consume people and gain their memories that will tie together like a puzzle.

Watch the trailer for the full scoop.

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  • incredibilistic

    Looks pretty good but I can’t get Akira off of my mind in terms of storyline. Tetsuo had his memories but his sense of reality was being constantly shifted and, similar to NYC, the city became affected by his actions. Although most of the transformations were primarily due to him destroying everything in his path.

    Right now I think there are 2 games that have similar gameplay features and story arcs but one looks better and more fun to me and that’s inFAMOUS. They’re both open world, destroy anything in your path type of games but at least with inFAMOUS you get to choose if you’re a bad guy or not. Prototype just lets you kill or destroy anything and anyone with reckless abandon. I mean, once you find out who you are and why you’re doing this what’s the replay value? I’m sure inFAMOUS is not much different but it’s possible that the karma system could have a different impact on the game’s ending depending on the path you choose (good or bad) throughout the game.

    I don’t wanna beat a dead horse but I’m just not sold on Prototype yet. Maybe a demo or rental will change my mind.