Lazy Sundays: Kickin' Back to Some Star Ocean 4 - Gematsu
Lazy Sundays: Kickin’ Back to Some Star Ocean 4
posted on 03.08.09 at 09:49 AM EST by (@salromano)


We’re starting a new segment on the site called “Lazy Sundays”, which will go up every Sunday, and we’ll talk about the game we’re playing on our lazy Sunday. Because seriously, no matter how athletic you are, nobody wants to go anywhere on Sundays, it’s just too boring a day. So put up your feet, grab your container of Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food and start up your console for a day of no gaming interruptions.

So what am I playing? I’m stuck on disc two in Star Ocean: The Last Hope for the Xbox 360. I’m at the end of the Purgatorium in Roak and cannot defeat the final boss. When I tried him the first time, I was level 36, but now I’m going around the dungeon leveling and I’m now at 39. My goal is to reach level 40 before I try my luck at him again. I’ll tell you though, this guy’s crazy. They start you off with two regular battles beforehand to weaken you, then when you’re finally fighting the boss, he summons a bunch of the same guys you just fought so they distract you while you’re trying to take him down.

I’m going to make sure I’m well prepared before I go back in. The first time I lost, I had his life bar at nearly 10% left before he finished my team off, but the whole loss itself cost me a good 25 minutes of fighting. You really don’t notice the time fly-by though. I guess that’s why it’s called a Lazy Sunday.

After a bit of Star Ocean, I’m probably going to pop in The Orange Box and brush up my skills in Team Fortress 2 for next Sunday. Well, that’s my Lazy Sunday. What’s yours?

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  • Eric

    So I take it you got past the freezing issue you were having?

    As for me, its always a mix between SFIV, Killzone and SOCOM.

  • maikel

    well i just came back from my base(army israel).i had a 3 hours ride till i got home,and all the way i played geometry wars on my DS,and now im looking for some new info because i was out for a week.
    suri fuer bahd grahmer.
    is Star Ocean any good is it better then lost odessy?

    • Sal

      I’d say it just about matches up and if not, better. The battle system really holds it together.

  • curriesucks

    Ah my lazy sunday included me buying a new HDD for my PS3 cause my one at the moment has died so I’ve bought a new 320GB one and lets hope it arrives before the next lazy sunday.