Singularity Unraveled in New Trailer - Gematsu
Singularity Unraveled in New Trailer
posted on 02.21.09 at 09:10 AM EST by (@salromano)


Last night’s episode of GameTrailers TV featured an exclusive trailer for Activision and Raven Software’s upcoming shooter, Singularity, for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. The shooter apparently is telekinetic, not so original, but seems to play out well. Hit the jump for the trailer.

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  • incredibilistic

    First thing, I wonder about these types of games that give you powers and stuff but still expect you to shoot whatever’s in front of you. Having powers, in my opinion, is a cool idea until it starts slowing down the gameplay. You run a bit, shoot some stuff, then stop to wave your magic wand or cast a spell on something. And in the heat of the battle that means one of two things. Either your enemies allow you enough time to pull a rabbit out of your hat then hit him with it or they’re stupid.

    Heck, maybe they’re both stupid and slow. You can’t have intelligent AI if they’re standing around watching you rebuild a flammable barrel that you either plan to hit them with or plan to throw then shoot to explode while they sit behind cover or out in the open.

    So while the trailer looks pretty good I’m not convinced this will be one to watch for.

    Second, what’s with putting in my age for almost every trailer nowadays? Unless someone uses profane language or I’m about to see some tig ‘ol bitties hit the screen who gives a $#!#@ about my age?! What, because people are getting shot in the game? Last time I checked the TV didn’t ask me to confirm my age when I turned it on to watch something harmless like a cooking show only to see a trailer for the next action movie that will feature, wait for it… guns and people getting blown up.

    And as for GameTrailers and other sites confirming ages, what the f$#*# am I signing up for if my login can’t remember my age? What’s the difference anyway? Any idiot that’s been on the internet for more than 2 days can bypass this so-called security measure. It’s just stupid. Even more so when your trailer barely shows any action let alone anyone getting killed.

    Was it supposed to be scary? Sorry, you fail that test too. I would imagine more people would be scratching their heads rather than reaching for the covers.

    As for the game I won’t even bother renting this. Looks like yet another shooter trying to do something different in the FPS genre that won’t do much but lead us back to shooters you can count on like CoD4.