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Xbox LIVE Snow Globe Stirs Up Your Friends
posted on 12.13.08 at 12:10 PM EST by (@salromano)


If you head over to the spotlight channel on your Xbox 360, you’ll notice that a Holidays 2008 section is now available for you to select. Besides showing you some of the best games, TV shows and movies for your holidays, there is also a little interactive feature called the Snow Globe that places your avatar inside as well as your friends and you can shake or stir them up. It’s a pretty nice thing to just leave on your TV when guests are over.

Stir your friends up in the Xbox LIVE Snow Globe [Major Nelson]

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  • incredibilistic

    I was browsing around the PS Store today and noticed a section called “Playstation Collections” which turned out to be a catalog of different types of movies and TV. There was a section for horror movies, action movies and Christmas/holiday related movies (some of them repeated from another section like Die Hard found in the action catalog as well as the Christmas catalog since the movie does take place during Christmas).

    The problem: unless you were looking around you’d never know it was there. This is why the NXE is SO much better than the PS3’s XMB.

    MS has gone from a simple interface with files and folders and made browsing the 360 more of an entertainment, well, for lack of a better term, “experience”. Because of the look of the NXE it practically forces you to browse around to see what’s new. With the system being so cheap I’m tempted to get one when I get my tax money back.

    I still love my PS3 but I have to give mad props to MS for, in some ways, taking consoles in a different direction. While Sony may have a better made system and free online play they’re playing catch up right now with most everything.

    $20 bucks says the PS4 will have a more NXE-style interface. But can Sony make Home something truly special and take some of MS’s steam? If Home is a rousing success chances are that we’ll see a MS Avatar-like access to the PS4 with instant access to your avatar, friends and probably all the features of Home.