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Leaked: Gears of War 2 Map Pack Dropping Midnight, EA Announces Dante’s Inferno
posted on 12.14.08 at 08:41 PM EST by (@salromano)


Primotech, whom were spying on the VGA rehersal show before tonights big airing at 9PM EST, where able to get the scoop on whats going down at the show.

The big Gears of War 2 news is that a ‘Combustible’ Map Pack will be available on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace at 12 PM Pacific tonight at midnight. No word on pricing.

Electronic Arts have debuted a new game based on a book, Dante’s Inferno. See Variety for more on that. Pearl Jam will be releasing their album Ten as a downloadable Rock Band album in March 2009.

We’d tell you the award winners, but we don’t want to spoil it for ourselves. So, hit the link if you want to check that out.

Live Winners and News from The Spike 2008 Video Game Awards Show [Primotech]

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  • Geoff Hath

    The just showed the God of War 3 teaser, OMFG, I must play that game ASAP!!!!!

  • Sal

    Dante’s Inferno had a bad trailer. Nothing but a tease. They should be banned. =\

  • incredibilistic

    Sorry but I thought GoWIII looked just okay. I wasn’t blown away. Now Uncharted 2? That looked freakin’ AWESOME!!! That’s a game I can’t wait to play! I watched that trailer over and over again.

    My only hope is that GoWIII will look better than that when it’s released. It doesn’t really look as good as I thought it would look but Uncharted 2 looked better than I thought it would. Naughty Dog say they’re using almost 100% of the PS3’s power and it shows. The color palette is awesome, Drake’s movement and facial expressions were spot on and the environment around him (what they showed anyway) looked exquisite. The snow on the cliffs looked great and even little touches like some of the snow falling down at the base of the cliff and the wind… just everything looked stunning.

    Again, GoWIII looked pretty good but I didn’t come away super impressed.

    I thought Mafia II looked insane! Just as good as Uncharted 2 if you ask me. I wonder what system those screens came from? Anyway, it looked good. My interest is definitely piqued.

    I fast-forwarded past the show (I recorded it) so I skipped over most of the Jack Black and Kevin James clips and just watched it for the highlights. The NPH mess up was kind of funny. The fact that they don’t have envelopes was a bit weird but oh well. They should’ve stuck with the half-naked award winner girls though I didn’t mind the chromed out winged angels.

    Dante’s Inferno looked like Fallout 3 with demons, Brutal Legend looks like a solid rent and Lost & Damned looked pretty good too though if I had a 360 I’m not sure I’d waste my time with it. Nothing about the story seemed compelling to me but I’m sure it’ll do well either way.

    Nice to see MGS4 win for best graphics and just a shame they didn’t get a chance to accept the award but I guess it would’ve taken too long to have Kojima and a translator on stage at the same time.

    Not a bad show but I could’ve used more games and less skits. I’ll probably keep it on my DVR until I’ve watched the Uncharted 2 trailer for the millionth time then scrap it. And maybe I’ll skip ahead to oogle the silver chicks and watch Megan Fox take the stage in those 10 inch heels again (holy fire alarm Batman she’s hot!!!).

    One more note, besides Megan Fox all those hot chicks could’ve been served better by a voice-over. Pretty girls like that shouldn’t talk. There’s a reason we like posters of hot women. They don’t have to annoy us with their horrid voices and brain dead rhetoric.