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HAZE and TimeSplitters Developer Free Radical Shuts Doors
posted on 12.19.08 at 06:45 AM EST by (@salromano)


Free Radical, the developers behind PlayStation 3’s HAZE and the much-loved TimeSplitters series, have closed their doors this morning. Staff as well as senior executives have already left the building.

The Free Radical staff turned up for work this morning to find the doors locked with instructions to meet at a nearby hotel for a final meeting.

Last month, Free Radical director Steve Ellis denied any lay-offs at all this year at the company saying “we certainly won’t be laying off any staff today. Or, for that matter, any time in 2008.”

“If something happens in 2009 I’m sure we’ll be prepared to comment – but from where I’m sitting, whatever happens is far more likely to be positive than negative,” he added.

So, what’s to happen to TimeSplitters 4?

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