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Xbox 360 Has Unnannounced Surprises For 2009
posted on 11.03.08 at 10:45 PM EST by (@salromano)

Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Ninja Blade, and others aren’t the only 2009 exclusive releases coming to the Xbox 360.

Microsoft’s UK head of gaming and entertainment Stephen McGill has said that there is “lots of great stuff” coming in 2009 that people “don’t know about”.

McGill said: “Well I know a lot of the games coming out from us and our third parties. Most of them, in fact, have not been announced because everyone’s very focused on what’s out for Christmas. So it would do our third party partners a disservice for me to announce their great line-ups before they’re ready to.

“So obviously we’ve announced things like Halo Wars coming out in the Spring, Halo 3: Recon later next year, Resi Evil 5 is coming to the platform, (I’m) really excited about that. So I think we’re very focused on what’s coming out for Christmas, we’ve talked about things coming out early next year. Very soon at some point we’ll have the exclusive content for Grand Theft Auto on Xbox 360. So there’s lots of great stuff coming in 2009 that people know about. Lots more, I’m sure that they don’t know about.”

When McGill was asked if there are any surprises in store for Xbox 360 owners in 2009, he said: “You could expect that, yeah absolutely.”

[MS: 360 surprises coming in 2009, most not announced]

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  • madpuppy

    what else could he say? “no, it will be a boring year for the 360, you want excitement, check
    out Sony’s line up.”

    when the amazing stuff gets announced I will think about it.