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PS3 Tech Reason Behind Brothers In Arms Delay
posted on 09.17.08 at 04:00 PM EST by (@salromano)

Ubisoft’s Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway has been delayed several times, but what could the reasons be for these delays? Gearbox’s Jeramy Cooke tells us that development got difficult when trying to focus on the PLAYSTATION 3’s technology. They wanted to learn the tech and develop it in-house rather than ship it off to a different developer.

“In previous Brothers in Arms, we had farmed out the PlayStation versions to other developers who were PlayStation experts,” he said. “So we had to build up all that expertise in-house to understand that platform.”

“There’s just major hardware differences; you don’t know if your Xbox guy has a hard drive but your PlayStation guy does, and you’ve got 8 cores on this machine and 4 and a half on this machine.”

Let’s just hope for PLAYSTATION 3 owners’ sake, you won’t have to use that hard-drive.

[Gearbox Explains Why ‘Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway’ Has Taken So Long]

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  • Ceres

    I think it’s great that they were determined to work on the PS3 version themselves. That way they have experience with the platform for their future games.
    On the installs, I don’t really mind them. As long as they’re reasonable in size. I wished that there was a limit like 1 or 2 gigs. Uncharted managed to have almost no load times (or hid them very well) and no install.