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Epic: Xbox 360 ‘Approaching Upper End’ Of Visual Potential
posted on 09.01.08 at 07:22 PM EST by (@salromano)

In a nenw interview, Epic Games producer Rod Fergusson stated that he beleives that Xbox 360 titles launching in 2010 will basically push the Xbox 360 to it’s full limit.

“I think we’re certainly approaching the upper end of it, as far as what developers are able to do with it, but just looking at all the demos we saw today — ours and others — it’s clear that all the games just keep improving, and keep pushing that bar.

I think it’s just a matter of, you know, it’s a slow cycle; you only get a kick at it every couple years, and so it takes a while for people to see that progress.

There will be games in development that won’t ship until 2010, and I’m sure they’ll look killer, just because, again, they’ll have more time with it, and learn from mistakes and optimizations of others. So, I don’t know; I think we’re getting up there, but I still think there’s room to grow.”

[Epic’s Fergusson: Xbox 360 ‘Approaching Upper End’ Of Visual Potential]

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  • uorbe001

    That’s obvious, the xbox360 is a decent machine, but a well-equiped PC is far more powerfull, and we all know Microsoft’s plans on releasing a new xbox in 4years as top…

  • josh1122

    ehh just another idiot flapping his gums. the usual. Next.