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The Secret World: More Details, In-Game Screenshot
posted on 08.17.08 at 08:36 PM EST by (@salromano)

In Funcom’s Q2 2008 release PDF, they’ve revealed two new in-game screenshots of their upcoming MMO, The Secret World, for the Xbox 360 and PC.

They’ve also gave out a few brief details on The Secret World which we’ve provided for you, along with another screenshot, which can both be viewed at the jump.

  • Funcom created brand.
  • Explore a secret world within our world where every mystery, myth, conspiracy theory and urban legend is true.
  • MMO gaming combined with Alternate Reality Gaming and social networking.
  • Funcom’s proprietary DreamWorld tech.
  • PC and Xbox 360 platforms.
  • 40 people team and growing, experience from Dreamfall, Anarchy Online, Age of Conan, Everquest 2, The Longest Journey and other games.

Ragnar, lead developer of The Secret World confirmed on his blog that these screenshots are in fact in-game and undoctored, and that the day in which they will reveal more on the game is rapidly approaching.

“I can’t say much (although that day is rapidly approaching) but I’ll say this: It definitely means something. The shots are real and undoctored – I captured them myself from the latest build of the game last Thursday. Yes, that’s a real location in the game, not a proof-of-concept or a demo level. And no, of course it’s not done. I think the game looks absolutely fantastic, but it’s going to look even more absolutely fantastic when it’s released.”

As to what we actually see in these two screenshots, he must keep his mouth shut. But he did give us three hints: Herd ringers, Four, three, seven, and NIOSH Mining Safety and Health Topic. Can anybody figure it out? View the other screenshot below.

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  • Skittles

    Date: 04/03/07
    the day the world got infected by biohazardus herd ringers?

    Date: 4/3/07
    a mining accident infected herd ringers that infected the world?