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The Game vs. Bow Wow in Madden NFL 09 for $100,000 to Charity
posted on 08.21.08 at 12:08 AM EST by (@salromano)

Rappers Bow Wow and The Game have both exchanged YouTube challenge to play each other in a game of Madden NFL 09 with $100,000 at stake.

“I seen you do your thing in ‘Madden,’ ” Bow said. “I want to let you know I will bust your ass in that ‘Madden.’ We can get it poppin’.

“The winner can take the money, and we can donate it to charity,” he added. “Donate it to a good cause.”

The Game, a good friend of Bow Wow’s, responded to his request.

” ‘Madden’ — I do this sh– every day,” Game said from his tour bus. “This is the ‘Madden’ bus, n—a. You can’t f— with me. I been playing this sh– since you was in diapers. Since ’89, ‘Bill Walsh College Football.’ You was 3 years old when ‘Madden’ came out.”

Bow Wow has offered to fly The Game to the location to where they will compete. Wouldn’t it be easier to just battle over Xbox LIVE or the PLAYSTATION Network?

Anyway, I’ll put my bets on The Game, since they are playing a game and it’s practically in his name.

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