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Quantum of Solace: First Five Screenshots
posted on 07.01.08 at 11:25 AM EST by (@salromano)


Activision has released the first five screenshots of their upcoming James Bond title, Quantum of Solace, releasing on the PLAYSTATION 3, Xbox 360, PC. Take a look at Bond’s upcoming adventure. Enjoy! [GALLERY]

[singlepic=2637,90,90,left] [singlepic=2638,90,90,left] [singlepic=2640,90,90,left] [singlepic=2641,90,90,left]

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  • incredibilistic

    Looks a little like the Bourne Conspiracy game with a slight (only slight) enhancement in graphics.

    The greatest Bond game (in my opinion) was Everything or Nothing for the PS2. Nice variation in gameplay and the graphics (for the time) were awesome.

    I never finished it but now that I’m thinking about it I might pick it up again if I can find it used or in the bargain bin at Wal-Mart.