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Lips Comes With Two Microphones, Funky Boxart
posted on 07.22.08 at 06:20 PM EST by (@salromano)

Microsoft have released the official boxart for their upcoming SingStar-like title, Lips. The game will come with two stylish microphones and a funky fresh game boxart.


[Lips gets all boxed up with two microphones]

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  • incredibilistic

    After further review of the MS conference you get the feeling that they’re trying to copy what others have done in the hopes that it’ll bring them into the casual market that Nintendo has all sown up.

    I like the idea of shaking the microphone and coming in duet style on a song but other than that what else does it bring to the table that hasn’t been already done?

    At the very least Sony has the advantage with the YouTube-like performance recording. Whether anyone is actually using this feature is beyond me (I don’t own the game and probably won’t bother buying it since Sony announced that there’s an updated version coming out soon) but I don’t really see Lips doing any more than Sony’s done with SingStar.

  • Sal

    I remember hearing that you have the ability to use your own songs.

    Not that I personally care though, singing games are not my type.