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Bungie Had ‘Knock’em Down’ Teaser Planned for E3 ’08
posted on 07.19.08 at 12:02 AM EST by (@salromano)

Today, Bungie revealed some details on the game they were supposed to reveal at E3 2008. The Halo project remained secret.

“Bungie had a sixty second knock’em down teaser trailer made that was going to unveil the game and it was going to be the close to Microsoft media keynote at E3,” Jacob Metcalf explained. “This was going to be followed up by Bungie doing their separate press event later on in the week on Wednesday to show off the new game.”

He went on:

“Microsoft has never really explained why they prevented Bungie from going on with their media event on Wednesday at E3. It has to be a new Halo game since if it was an new IP Microsoft would not have their hands on the control of the brand and would not have had the power to silence Bungie about it.”

Hopefully the stunning game will be revealed soon.

[Bungie had ‘knock’em down’ teaser trailer planned]

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  • madpuppy

    If someone at Bungie had any grapes, they would at least
    leak the trailer.

  • incredibilistic

    The Halo franchise is Microsoft’s bread & butter. Why would they stop ANYTHING Bungie wanted to do/show?

    Not start a war but is it possible that this new game won’t be an exclusive?

  • Matthew

    incredibilistic, I remember reading somewhere that Microsoft had held the game back because they wanted to wait for a more “dedicated” event. If I were to interpret this, I would think that Microsoft had not wanted to show their hand at E3. As FFXIII going multiplatform was already a hurt to Sony, but the next time Sony releases something big here comes Microsoft ready to counter. Now, I do love Playstation 3, a hell of a lot more then 360, and I own both, but MS does have the upper hand when it comes to Marketing and Business, as opposed to Sony.

  • jockhotty

    I think when Microsoft heard or saw something from their competitors, they decided to go back and rework a few things first,… or they were leaked some info that would provide them quite an advantage at another time. Especially since they were waiting to the very last second to deliver, gave them the opportunity to use it or looses it. Almost anyone can drag a a speach for an extra minute.