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Standing on One Leg: The Sony Third-Party Situation
posted on 06.18.08 at 06:47 PM EST by (@salromano)

Before I start this article, I’d like everyone to give this article over at RPGFan a read. It really states the bad situation Sony is in with RPGs and even highlights the numbers. Now, onto the article.

The PLAYSTATION 3 does have a decent amount of exclusives out right now. Most of them won’t make you go “wow”, but a few will. Those few, however, are usually the games made by Sony Computer Entertainment. This brings us to the PLAYSTATION 3’s one-leg of survival, the first party. Let us take a look at the currently released exclusives. We’ve labeled first-party games in red, and third-party games in green.

• Eye of Judgement
• Folklore
• Formula One Championship Edition
• Full Auto 2: Battlelines
• Genji: Days of the Blade
• Gran Turismo 5: Prologue
• Heavenly Sword
• Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds
• Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
• MLB ’07: The Show
• MLB ’08: The Show
• Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire
• MotorStorm
• Ninja Gaiden Sigma
• NBA ’07
• NBA ’08
• Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
• Resistance: Fall of Man
• Ridge Racer 7
• SingStar
• Time Crisis 4
• Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
• Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom
• Warhawk

Yeah, so 8 out of 26 exclusive titles are from third-parties. Most of the third-party games are from Namco Bandai, with there only being around 3 good games from third-parties. Another thing you’ll have to remember is those Namco Bandai games came out when the PLAYSTATION 3 came out. Since then, Namco Bandai have shifted their support to the Xbox 360 with games like Eternal Sonata, Ace Combat 6, Katamari Damacy, Tales of Vesperia, and such. Square Enix has yet to have any releases on the PLAYSTATION 3 and probably will not until 2009, yet this year they are approaching their third release on the Xbox 360. Many games not on this list were supposed to be PLAYSTATION 3 exclusive, until wait, developers shifted them to the Xbox 360 as well.

What I’m trying to get at is that most of these games on the Sony PLAYSTATION 3 are all from well… Sony. Meanwhile the Xbox 360 is getting all the third-party support the PS2 had plus more. Just to prove it some more, lets look at the rest of the year’s releases.

• The Agency
• Buzz! Quiz TV
• Disgaea 3
• LittleBigPlanet
• Motorstorm: Pacific Rift
• Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm
• Resistance 2
• SIREN: Blood Curse
• SOCOM: Confrontation
• Valkyria Chronicles

The lack of third-party support basically sucks. It’s really a disappointment, especially if your a PLAYSTATION 3 gamer who was hoping to have the same experience you had back in the PS2 days. We have a post thats been in draft for a while comparing upcoming PS3 exclusives with that of the 360’s. Were very cautious of posting it, but we will let you decide if you want us to. Tell us in the comments.

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  • Caelum

    Yeah, we’re not on the same reality anymore…I think Sony is too confident with their Line-up and they just think they don’t need any help from 3rd-Party developers…That’s why I’m inclined to buy a xbox…already bought a Wii…now that I see how Sony just doesn’t care about it’s consumers and it’s bussiness, I’m totally dissapointed.

    PS. God of War III won’t save the PS3.

  • Makidian

    I think some websites make it to be more than it really is, and I hate see this one go the same way. Microsoft is busting out a lot of black briefcases filled with money because there scared of the impact that Sony can have without tons of third party support, they need a little bit but not much and by this time next year the PS3 will have overtaken the 360 in sales. I read the news of vXIII being put on hold so they can get XIII finished as a good thing, with two great teams working on one game it increases the chances that XIII will make it out this year. I’m sure that Microsoft blew all kinds of smoke up SE’s collective asses to make sure that they got Star Ocean 4 and the Last Remnant before PS3 does, once those games fail to meet the lofty projections that Microsoft gave them, its game over. I’m still shocked that Namco is going exclusive with Tales because Eternal Sonata only managed a meager 250k in sales, and even if it’s only released on the PS3 in Japan it should do triple that if not more. Sony has very strong first party games and there are a lot of games left to be released regardless of whether they are multi-plat. DMC4 is selling better on the PS3 than the 360, proof that previously exclusive games still sell better on the PS3, even GTA has a better attachment on the PS3 despite a 2:1 ratio in the states on the 360. In the long run it doesn’t matter. Remember, this time last year everybody had counted the PS3 out, let’s wait till this holiday season and see how well the 360 fares, I’d bet not too good.

  • jamhai

    I hope Killzone 2 flops hard. Maybe that will get Sony to realize most people who bought PS1’s and PS2’s didn’t care about Shooters.

  • Sal

    While there are many shooters, that shouldn’t mean KILLZONE 2 should flop as I’m actually looking forward to it. They just need more RPGS, more third-party support.

    Edit: (and yes, more variety other than just shooters as well)

  • Caelum


    third-party is what the PS3 lacks…If SCE do something, maybe this could change, but actually the house of the third parties is the X360.

  • Skittles

    rpg’s isn’t what they need or what they’ll start giving you, they didn’t win with the ps2 that way. more like they won with a huge variety of AAA games(different genres and such), which are all coming of course(ps3 passes 360 in worldwide sales mid 09)

  • Caelum

    PS3 passing X360 doesn’t mean it have a better line-up.

  • Joe

    I want to see your post on the PS3 exclusives vs the 360s. Because right now I think the PS3 is behind. I wish it could be the other way around but it is not. But I will say in 09 that the PS3 no doubt will have the better games. So I do think the PS3 is getting better but it is taking longer then I would have liked.

    I also want Sony to relight Getaway and Eight Days and if Heavenly Sword was being made by one of the Sony studios in London I want that relighted as well.

    Also Sony needs to help third party members out because when ever there is a third party game it is always better on the 360. So Sony needs to pay to help them make there games better. Plus being able to get a few exclusives too.

    I am looking forward to FFXIII but that will be in 09 and Sony needs help now.

  • Lord Raoh

    i read that article and for the most part, its pretty much on the money.

    Sony may be on the right track now though. dropping getaway and eight days may be a let down. but if its in the name of focusing on realistic releases then i’m all for it.

    if square wants to suspend verses xiii so they can work harder and faster on ffxiii then hey, disappointed but at least it keeps the ball rolling…

    what happened to the small team that insomniac formed to help outside developers make games for the ps3?

    i understand at the end of the day sony doesnt want to burn bridges even if they are but sony should call out some of these companies that claim to have difficulty on the ps3.

    “problem? what problem? we can have a team ready right now to answer any questions and guide you in the direction that other succesful ps3 titles have gone”

    instead of paying for exclusives sony can pay for support.

    but i can say this. i am very happy with and excited about resistance. uncharted. heavenly sword. gran turismo needs damage. mgs4 blew us away. infamous looks good. killzone looks good but for god sakes bring it out already. socom woo hoo. heavy rain (will be a sleeper hit, everyone and i do mean everyone needs to play indigo prophecy), motorstorm, eye of judgment, agency

    there are alot of licenses that sony owns or can sway if not buy that should be in development. syphon filter etc

    work on these titles and ignore the third party. let the third party come to us. i think ps3 owners are happy but frustrated when it comes to news like last remnant, star ocean 4, RE5, bioshock etc…..

    dont make these companies throw us a small bone like enhanced audio/graphics and on dvd content that was dlc.. thats not impressive.. thats a given for an almost year long delay.

  • Skittles

    the 360 is getting 1 more rpg then us this year(note, i counted the good ones) and everyone flips the fuck out. it’s not even e3 yet so you don’t even know what sony has up their sleeves, write this articles after e3 and not after.(and maybe after tgs)

  • DevilVergilX

    Skittles Says:
    June 18th, 2008 at 10:34 pm the 360 is getting 1 more rpg then us this year(note, i counted the good ones) and everyone flips the fuck out. it’s not even e3 yet so you don’t even know what sony has up their sleeves, write this articles after e3 and not after.(and maybe after tgs)

    MAN THANK YOU…. I tired of people freaking out about this… Sony knows its against the ropes and it knows that 360 is kicking its ass but that doesnt mean they havent given up… just they been getting xbox exclusive out for the ps3 and they been at work trying to get us ingame xmb… just have some faith in this. i dont think star ocean is going to be an 360 exclusive. if it is we have other games to satisfy us, but chances are it is gonna reach ps3. and for the delays its just dev getting used to the system… its still new and its not being used to its fullest potential… so relax/

  • Shibbs


    The PS3 doesn’t just need RPG’s, it needs everything BUT shooters right now.

    The consoles switched places imo, last gen

    Xbox=Shooter Console
    PS2=Everything Console

    This Gen

    360=Everything Console
    PS3=Shooter Console

    which i’m disappointed about, i like some shooters, not most. and i love variety. Something needs to happen from now on to the end of 09′, Playstation needs some Variety.

  • Napoleon_Ist

    what do you think?

    well i think this article is total bullshit, why? just because it focuses on japanese developpers with a US/PAL only ps3 release list…

    the thing is the japanese release list is totally different from this one. moreover there are a lot of japanese third party developpers with a decent amount of ps3 exclusive titles. know your ps3 kid before writing bulls!!

    just to name:

    -Wangan Midnight by Genki
    -Railfan by Taito/Ongakukan
    -Railfan Taiwan HSR by Ongakukan
    -G1 Jockey 2007 by Koei
    -Angels Online by Q Ent.
    -Megazone 23: Aoi Garland by compile heart
    -Agarest Senki by Compile Heart
    -Time Crisis 4 by Namco (2007 not ps3 launch!)
    -Yamasa Digi World Sp Pachislot Sengoku Musou by Yamasa

    ps3 games are region free, so have a look at the jap releases next time!

  • Shibbs

    Calm down napoleon.
    Most people don’t import their games,
    so why focus on the ones you’d have to import to play?

  • Raincry

    Both machines have there merits and anyone whos been playing games for more then ten years can clearly see the as yet untapped power of the cell and ps3.Lets be honest both machines line up for 2008 is not great thats the beauty of owning a wii you get the best of all three consoles.The 360 games where not great until the fall of last year and personally i think we have seen the best of the 360 and am pretty sure microsoft are going to annouce a new machine shortly.Ive not been disapointed with the ps3 yet had one since launch and am pretty confident this fall will see a huge shift in quality for the ps3 the majority of games so far have only nbeen coded using one of the ps3 processers but that will change.

  • Raincry

    Games have never been so good you just have to sort through the chaff to get to the wheat it was the same 10 years ago one or to inspired games with soul and fifteen shoody indentikit games things never change.Mario galaxies,metroid corruption,bioshock,the orange box,pro evo 2008,gt5 prolouge,resistance fom,okami,zelda twp,examples of games that more then anything show top production values and value for money and that games are as good if not better then they ever where.Variety and originality well thats dead it died the day game production started to cost more then the million plus mark publishers just dont take risks.