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Square Enix Starts Bringing PSone Classics to Japan
posted on 06.24.08 at 11:32 PM EST by (@salromano)

Square Enix have announced in the latest Dengeki PlayStation that they are starting to bring old PSone titles to the PLAYSTATION Network. The first set of titles are coming out June 25, 2008 on the Japanese Store. Those titles include:

• Xenogears (Square)
• Einhander (Square)
• Astronoka (Enix)
• Rakugaki Showtime (Enix)
• Raystorm (Taito)
• Fighters Impact (Taito)

As of now, there are twelve titles planned and these are only six. So here’s hoping that Final Fantasy VII is one of the six and that SCEA jumps on getting these on the network as well. If not, then some people are going to be pretty pissed.

[Square Enix commits to PSN Game Archives….. starting TODAY (Japan)]

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  • Eric

    I guess since I actually own FFVII that doesnt matter all that much to me :)

  • jamhai

    Holy crap, Xenogears! Wheres the NA release? FU, Square!

  • H0rr0rist

    sadly im scare we will never see those great title in the US store
    the japanese store have so many great game like biohazard 1-2
    metal gear solid and so many more
    and when you go in the hong kong store,store that receive two update per week its just ridiculous,they must have more then a hundred ps1 game

  • comedian

    My opinion is that enix won’t release any final fantasy on the psn for the moment, but titles which they may be thinking of sequels. The PSN will be used to see if the games ip is popular .