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Sony Denies Plans for PS2 Downloadable Titles
posted on 06.30.08 at 10:36 PM EST by (@salromano)

The recently rumored PS2 titles on the PLAYSTATION Store has been denied by Sony Computer Entertainment.

“I’m not sure where the image came from,” said Sony’s Patrick Seybold, when questioned by GamePro on visible allegations that PS2 games would be coming to the PlayStation Store. “At this point, we haven’t made any announcements, and there are no plans for PS2 downloadable titles on PS3.”

Although, you must consider Sony denying it due to the fact that they are saving it for an announcement at E3 ’08. You never know.

[Sony: ‘No plans for PS2 downloadable titles on PS3’]

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  • H0rr0rist

    im getting so tired of sony
    everytime they always say:oh no we are not planning anything
    and then a week later they say:we are proud to announce…
    they should stop with that and just confirm the rumor

  • Skittles

    when have they done that before?

  • incredibilistic

    If they are working on it at least give them the pleasure of announcing it on their own. While I love the internet I hate how people ruin surprises. There’s very few surprises in life anymore so it’s nice when a company can surprise their audience. Especially with something everyone will love.

    My guess is that they’re working on it but I think if something was going to be announced Seybold would’ve been a little more forthcoming. Then again, he could be pissed that someone leaked the shot and is saying that out of anger.

    Either way getting PS2 titles would be great and you know Sony’s working on it. PS2 games on the PSN Store? It’s a sure thing. Money in the bank. Sony’s just holding out. I’m sure we’ll get it eventually. Maybe not by E3 but we’ll get it soon enough.

  • DevilVergilX

    Ps2 titles is kinda a bad idea business-wise. ps2 are still selling and “IF” they would releasing ps2 titles then the drive to buy the ps2 will decrease. The psp and ps2 are sony’s money maker for now, but they if it comes out then I would definably be a selling point for ps3(even if they are losing money for every system sold). But on the other hand I would love ps2 titles for the ps3!

  • H0rr0rist


    in game xmb
    dualshock 3
    price cut
    new ps3 model and bundle

    i think its a stupid move from sony not doing it,because let say someone want to buy an old game,first they wont find the game brand new,they are going to buy a used game,so that doesnt bring more sell to sony,and they are many game that are hard to find,not everyone live in a big city with easy access to good video game store
    and if you go on the japanese store or the hong kong store and see how much ps1 game they have compare to our 5 game we have in the US store,it a sure thing that they will bring more game to the store because that already there politic in the other store i just wish we could have the same threatment as the other store

  • incredibilistic


    I see your point about the PS2 still being a huge profit center for Sony but at some point you have to cut the cord or at least find ways of converting people still buying PS2s for PS2 games into PS3 customers.

    The best way to do that is to get them to start downloading PS2 games onto the PS3.

    Having said that Sony’s BIGGEST problem is all those PS2 games that people already have but don’t have a system they can play it on. The 40GB systems don’t have backwards compatibility leaving only the 80GB but chances are if someone’s upgrading from a $100 PS2 they’re probably not going to spend $500 for an 80GB PS3 just to play a bunch of bargain bin titles.

    I’m sure the feedback now is that people want to download PS2 games and Sony can ignore those voices for only so long. I don’t know if Sony has anymore big announcements left for this year (well, we might see some God Of War 3 footage or a Team Ico project at E3) but if there was one left it would be this. If anything they need to increase the traffic on the PSOne games. That library is lacking too.