Rumor: New Tales title to be announced for PS3? [Update]
posted on 06.27.08 at 12:09 AM EDT by (@salromano)

A new scan, surfaced today from an unnamed Japanese gaming magazine, apparently claims PlayStation 3 will soon receive its own Tales game, that will reportedly “take advantage of the system’s power.” The page compiles Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World for Wii andTales of Vesperia for the Xbox 360, and then lists a mystery title for PlayStation 3 — as if every console gets their own exclusive Tales series game.

Below the three games, the words “X Day of July” are written in kanji.

We’ll keep you updated.

Thanks, PS3Hyper.

Update 10:26am: There’s been an error in translation. The article is nothing but the magazine’s hopes for a new Tales game on PlayStation 3. Nothing has been confirmed.

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  • anime10121

    FINALLY, been waitin (and Wanting) a Tales of for my ps3, and to think were gettin a whole new title, THANK GOD. Love Tales of i even bought a 360 specifically for Vesperia (and a couple more rpg’s) but i need Tales for ps3 to so day one purchase!:) Namco Bandai keep pompin out Tales and I will give you my money (preferebly on ps3 Please:))

  • Skittles

    1. i bet your a happy camper sal
    2. it better get a fucking us release date

  • Skittles
  • mmarshall84

    *sigh* It’s about time.

  • Ouisi

    So now “ToS2 has taken advantage of Wii’s power”? What a bad joke from Namco.

    Still a PS3 game does several times more sense than Vesperia ever did or ever will make. They ought to have vesperia in the first place if anything, but another game seems just inefective, vesperia ain’t gonna sell anyway, so they should be obliged to port it.

    And Wii should have gotten a lot better than the game it got.