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Rumor: Microsoft Buying Timed-Exclusivity on Resident Evil 5
posted on 06.18.08 at 05:56 PM EST by (@salromano)

Turns out that major Resident Evil 5 announcement may not be a good one. Rumor has it that Microsoft has made an offer to Capcom for timed-exclusivity on Resident Evil 5. Right now it isn’t known if Capcom has accepted this offer, but the source stated Microsoft has made the offer.

If this is true this could be a huge blow to PLAYSTATION 3 gamers. So many games are getting delayed or even cancelled on the PS3. I’m getting sick of it.

[RUMOR: Industry Rumblings Regarding Resident Evil 5]

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  • jamhai

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this was true.

  • Eric

    Capcom is a Japanese dev and I would really hope that Sony would sway them at least to stay neutral. Maybe its time Sony starts buying exclusives again because although a rumor and I wont merit it until true, I dont want to see this happen.

  • Caelum

    Lazy Sony as always! Microsoft with it’s cleverness…is taking every major chance to promote it’s console…Buying Timed exclusivity on RE5 would be the end. I think Sony is too confident with their 1st-party titles (which some were pretty mediocres) If Sony doesn’t step up and do something now…the brand loyalty and every idiot lie they want us to believe won’t save the PS3…at least, when Kutaragi was in charge they usually bought some exclusivities even against Harrison’s will…If M$ can buy excluvity why can’t Sony?

  • BandAiD

    Caelum, I think you’re confused. Kutaragi was the one that actually set the policy of “No buying exclusives” which Kaz Hirai is currently reviewing again to see if he should revoke it or not. Personally I don’t think Sony should stoop down to the same level as Microshit.

  • BandAiD

    Oh yeah one more thing, this will be a good chance to see if Capcom is speaking the truth about “no more exclusives”.

  • Sal


    They released Lost Planet: Colonies Edition on the PC and 360 after they released Lost Planet: Extreme Condition on the PS3. The PS3 version was bad enough, Colonies was just another smack in the face.

  • Caelum

    We have to be reasonable here, Capcom is a Company, they need money, M$ have all the money in their asses to get out and pay for any exclusives they want to…Sony is a company that actually has more money than M$ but they just don’t want to step out of it’s throne as the “120 Millions of PS2 Sold Worldwide! We rule!” and not paying for exclusives means that somebody else interested in the “game” could go on the “buy it” and It is what M$ does…they’re right, don’t you think they’re trying to stop the PS3 momentum right now? It’s all about competitiveness it’s clearly that M$ is much more interested in winning every territory possible..Sony is counting too much on MGS4…

  • Lord Raoh

    i mentioned something similar in the last remnant article.

    personally. you start to loose interest.

    overlord, bioshock, last remnant, RE5 etc…

    will be reviewed. spoiled. the hype will be over.

    i would not be excited about mgs4 if i had to read and heard about others playing it and reviewing it and spilling plot points, etc for a year before i played it.

    by the time i got it i wouldnt need the story. i wouldnt even care.

    especially when you read about that bioshock was a timed exclusive presented as a locked exclusive for a fee.

    so i had to hear about it being almost game of the year, the story everything? (mind you at the time i did own a 360)

    at this point. i’m ready to start catching up on old ps2 games i missed and not support these late releases. stick with the new in house sony releases as well as third party simultaneous releases that i’m interested in.

    RE5 released on time? bought

    RE5 released later? rented…. maybe

    i’m looking at you too square-enix….

    also.. alot of these companies may forget that once MS gets what they want they kill what they eat. copy and kill is what MS does. its why i keep macs at home and not pc’s.

    this is how ms got hit with lawsuits about their business practices and monopoly schemes. seems to me while the gaming industry is a huge money maker, no one is looking at policing the lobbying that is going on.

  • incredibilistic

    Good points Lord Raoh but in regards to Microsoft’s monopoly schemes I doubt it would apply in this market since it’s not the same sort of force.

    MS is in trouble for basically copying particular feature sets of programs and bundling them into Windows (essentially) for free. Why buy Real Media Player when there’s Windows Media Player. Why download (or pay for like Opera) another browser when you have Internet Explorer (which by the way you wouldn’t be able to download unless you actually had I.E.; oh the irony of it all).

    MS can’t be held to the same accountability in the game industry because there’s no way they could EVER come up with a game like RE5, sell it cheaper than Capcom and think that they’ll corner the market with the 360.

    Similar to the EA + NFL deal. Although 2K is suing them they won’t win because I’m sure EA made sure the deal was airtight.

    As for RE5 being released on the 360 first, yeah, it would definitely blow all the steam out of the game when it does eventually get to the PS3. Of course we’ll probably have the better version but as another poster said, the storyline is out there, the experience is cheapened and not nearly as exciting no matter what DLC Capcom can come up with to entice gamers that this is still a worthwhile investment.

    Hopefully Capcom will turn down the money (doubtful) and release the game day & date on both systems. Then again, if MS is offering $50 million (like the GTA IV DLC) or more than Capcom may have to do it in order to recoup the money spent on making the game. And with $50 million or more it’s possible that it could settle half of the budget.

    This thing could also get uglier if Sony starts playing bidding wars with MS. Sony may have a lot of money but SCEA doesn’t have as much money as MS. It’s also evident (in my opinion) that SCEA is totally separate from any other Sony division so chances of them getting help from the other divisions is slim to none.