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Rumor: Could This Be Megaman 9? [Update]
posted on 06.20.08 at 11:15 PM EST by (@salromano)

The guys over at Rockman Perfect Memories seem to have been tipped by a beta tester for Capcom about the upcoming Megaman 9. The message they received says:

“Dear Rockman Perfect Memories,

I’m a beta tester for Capcom, and it’s been a lot of fun reading all these posts about Rockman 9!

I’m one of the people who gets to test it! :D

Ever since I started playing it, I’ve wanted to take pictures and post them online, but they check you for cameras every time before you go into the room to play. Well I thought I’d try something tricky after a few months of beta testing, so I borrowed my girl friend’s phone. The guys there trust me enough not to pat me down anymore and they’ll let me hand them my phone. So, I took a quick picture of the screen with my girl friend’s phone! Sorry it’s so blurry and dark, but she’s got a really old phone.

I want to just send it to you guys because I don’t want it to get too much attention (Which is why I’m not sending it to Kotaku, or 1-Up.). But I’ll confirm a few things about the game:

– You can play as Blues (Protoman).
– The graphics are in the 8-bit sprite style, but not the classic Famicom/NES one.
– It doesn’t have anything to do with the X series.
– Tango is in it, and works just like the Rockman World Game Boy version.
– The game doesn’t support full wide screen YET, but it will.
– It does support 480p.

Also, PLEASE don’t reveal my alias, e-mail name, or e-mail address! I don’t want anyone to know I’m the one who sent this in!”

Playing as Protoman is always a plus as he is my favorite character in the Megaman world. Everything else sounds great as well. I think E3 will be the time Capcom confirms this.

[Rockman 9 Screenshot Leakage!!]

Update: Confirmed fake.

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  • Shibbs

    im still excited for this, BUT, im deeply saddened it won’t link to MMX.