Qore Episode 2 Contains Exclusive Naruto Demo - Gematsu
Qore Episode 2 Contains Exclusive Naruto Demo
posted on 06.19.08 at 08:43 PM EST by (@salromano)

Now this is where Qore gets bad. The second episode of Qore will be coming soon and if you want to play the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm demo, your going to have to buy it. Yeah, it will be exclusive to Qore for who knows how long. Here is what is in Episode 02:

• Anatomy of a Game: The making of Resistance 2, Pt 1
• In-depth look at Silent Hill: Homecoming
• Featured Story: We Love Madden
• Exclusive Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm demo

Guess I’ll have to wait for Naruto then.


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  • incredibilistic

    Wow. Yeah, that is bad news. I’m going to continue to get Qore but if they start gimping the PSN Store this is not going to play well for Sony.

    Even if they delay the demo by a week or so it’ll still be a sign that Sony is trying to implement an XBL-like system to get people to pay into the PSN.

    On the other hand if Sony starts packing in quality content then the $2.99 (which works out to $35.88 a year if you don’t go with the $24.99 annual subscription price) is not a bad deal. But, again, it goes against their main principle of being free versus the competition.

    It’ll be more interesting to see what happens when Home is released to see what exclusive content will be made available versus what will be we exclusively available via Qore. If third-parties see that they can earn a few bucks via Qore versus offering the content for free via Home they might take the first option.

  • Urbancowboy786

    Wow yea, that is not cool at all! Is Qore really worth it? Somebody let me know please.

  • incredibilistic

    I think Qore is worth it. Will entertain you for hours on end? No, but I think for a first time effort is was good.

    The interviews were pretty good (although the guy they interviewed for Afro Ninja was annoying) and the way you interact with it was pretty good too. And while I don’t think anything needs to change I’m sure the interface and interaction will evolve over time.

    And just remember, you get access to the SOCOM beta 2 weeks after the initial access opens up. I think that’s worth $3 bucks alone.

    Will I go back to it later? Hard to say but then again do you really find yourself reading old magazines (that you probably spent more than $3 on)? Probably not.

    Either way I thought it was good investment.

  • BandAiD

    I don’t think its worth it at all if you’re a hardcore gamer. It’s not like it has any information you couldn’t find on a site like this and others. If they have betas or whatever just buy that specific issue it’s in. It’s not worth stressing over.

  • Eric

    I dont think Sony are implementing an xbl system with qore.

    I think people will always complain about the exclusive demos.

    I dont think gamers will ever be happy. ever.

  • Shibbs

    Well the thing is, we don’t know if this demo would have it the PSN and maybe sony pulled a few strings so it would appear, and if they had to do some work maybe they’d expect the same from us, i.e. pay for it lol.