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PLAYSTATION Video Store: Only Sony On-Board For Now
posted on 06.26.08 at 11:45 PM EST by (@salromano)

Variety’s Ben Fritz has gotten a bit of new information the the PLAYSTATION Video Store coming out this summer. Sony is currently in negotiations with other major studios to offer content on the store, but none of those studios are signed up yet. That means, as of now, the only studio on-board is Sony Pictures. This will change though, as most major studios will have their movies on the service sooner or later. We are just happy we will be able to download our favorite episodes of The Boondocks.

[PS3 Video Service: Only Sony On-Board ATM]

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  • ToXicDecree

    Hopefully they gonna put some good shows up there

  • incredibilistic

    That doesn’t really surprise me but it’s almost a certainty that Fox, Disney, Universal and every other major movie studio will sign on for this.

    While MS is powerful and have lots of cash they can’t stop the movie studios from offering their library on other services. If that were true then iTunes wouldn’t be able to offer the movies they have in their library.

    For now, though, the Sony Pictures library is more than enough to keep the store filled with content for… well a while.

    Don’t forget, Sony bought out MGM studios several years ago so you have that library too. If Sony can just get Warner and Disney the others will follow.

    On another subject I’m still holding out on getting SingStar until I start hearing about more updates coming.