Official PLAYSTATION 3 Headset Revealed - Gematsu
Official PLAYSTATION 3 Headset Revealed
posted on 06.27.08 at 12:34 PM EST by (@salromano)

If you buy the retail Blu-Ray disc version of SOCOM: Confrontation, you’ll get an official PlayStation headset along with your purchase. It looks much better than the headset that comes along with Warhawk and even has it’s own stand to charge on. It looks awesome, so enjoy the shots.

[SOCOM headset officially revealed]

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  • incredibilistic

    One of the motivating factors of getting Warhawk was getting the Bluetooth headset.

    It was from Jabra so I thought it would be pretty good. Turns out that the sound quality was only fair. I got lots of people telling me I was cutting in and out on them. It also didn’t hold a charge very well.

    I tried using it with my cell phone for a bit but eventually gave up on it after my wife telling me that should couldn’t catch all of my words.

    While I’m glad an official headset is coming out I still have NO earthly idea why it took so long. Sony built this thing with Bluetooth capability and it took them nearly 2 years to get their own headset out. I love Sony but they don’t make it easy.

    I just hope that sound quality is good and is consistent with most high to medium quality Bluetooth headsets.

  • Shibbs

    It’s prolly the dual mic technology they put into it for better noise cancellation.

  • ToXicDecree

    Definitely getting Socom now lol

  • Eric

    It will be a dual mic design and it was planned to be bundled with Socom all along. Since Socom has been pushed back since its initial release date that may also explain why the headset hasnt been released yet.

    @ incredibilistic
    I have the Warhawk Jabra headset and while its sound quality is fair I havent had the problems you mention with it. Definitely not the best mic but for me its just mostly that it isnt loud enough.