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Life with PlayStation: Details and Images
posted on 06.26.08 at 10:50 AM EST by (@salromano)


We have the first screenshots of the newly revealed Life with PlayStation for the PLAYSTATION 3. Thanks to GAME Watch, we have new information and screenshots on Life with PlayStation, which is a daily news reader for the PLAYSTATION 3. It gives us a very realistic earth wherre pictures and news with a variety of subjects is displayed. Playing music also works within the Life with PlayStation program, from either your hard disc or just basic music from the program. Hirai said that the current build is global meaning you’ll be able to view news from everywhere.

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  • madpuppy

    that’s kinda’ neat. Sony trying to make the PS3 into a true multifaceted media device. shame it won’t play any of my mp3’s or videos. it would really be nice if codecs for many different formats of audio/video were provided. like .MKV, any mp3, ogg. any .avi etc.

  • incredibilistic

    This is really nice feature that seems generic on the surface but is actually a very intelligent feature. Using your PS3 for everything including news from around the world is a very exciting feature.

    Looking forward to it.