US PLAYSTATION Store Update: May 29, 2008 - Gematsu
US PLAYSTATION Store Update: May 29, 2008
posted on 05.29.08 at 04:28 PM EST by (@salromano)

Well, get ready for another disappointing PLAYSTATION Store update. This week, there is nothing but Rock Band songs and a few videos. There is no Fatal Inertia EX as stated by MTV Multiplayer, no Dark Mist, no demos at all. View the update at the jump.


  • Rock Band Add-Ons
    • “You’re All I’ve Got Tonight” by The Cars ($1.99)
    • “My Best Friend’s Girl” by The Cars ($1.99)
    • “Moving in Stereo” by The Cars ($1.99)
    • “Just What I Needed” by The Cars ($1.99)
    • “I’m in Touch with Your World” by The Cars ($1.99)
    • “Good Times Roll” by The Cars ($1.99)
    • “Don’t Cha Stop” by The Cars ($1.99)
    • “Bye Bye Love” by The Cars ($1.99)
    • “All Mixed up” by The Cars ($1.99)
    • “The Cars” Album ($14.99) by This album includes “All Mixed Up,” “Bye Bye Love,” “Don’t Cha Stop,” “Good Times Roll,” “I’m in Touch with Your World,” “Just What I Needed,” “Moving in Stereo,” “My Best Friend’s Girl,” and “You’re All I’ve Got Tonight” by The Cars.

Game Videos

  • Top Spin 3 Debut Trailer (free)
  • Battlefield: Bad Company Dev Diary – Characters (free)
  • Battlefield: Bad Company Sweetwater’s Blog (free)
  • Dead Space Animated Comic Issue #1 (free)
  • Project Origin Teaser Trailer (free)
  • Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Projectile Dysfunction (free)
  • Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Human Juicer Video (free)

Blu-Ray Disc Trailers

  • Enchanted Trailer (free)
  • No Country for Old MenTrailer (free)

Themes and Wallpapers

  • Prince of Persia Prodigy Arabesque Wallpaper (free)
  • Prince of Persia Prodigy New Prince Wallpaper (free)

PLAYSTATION Store Worldwide

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  • H0rr0rist

    fatal inertia EX demo is on the japanese store
    offline mode and online mode available you can also buy the full game for 33,000 yen

  • BandAiD

    fail, what a pathetic update.


    better than nothing …
    sal thanks for the time and the effort you put to write the update .