TimeO Still Well on it’s Way
posted on 05.29.08 at 07:44 PM EDT by (@salromano)

During one of PSU’s “Missing PS3 Titles” segments, they’ve found out that Zootfly’s TimeO is still well on it’s way for a multiplatform console release. Zootfly’s Bostjan Troha has confirmed this.

“We’re still talking to… how shall I put it… two of the top four publishers about publishing TimeO,” said Troha. “The 20th Century Fox title will be announced by Brash Entertainment sometime in summer. Unfortunately that’s all I am allowed to disclose.”

So we now know that Brash is publishing it. We just got a GALLERY of TimeO up. Now we wait for it’s announcement, it looks like a pretty interesting 3rd-person parallel-world New York title. Hit the jump for some interesting videos on the title.

[Missing PS3 Titles – Time0] [Hey Justin, nice article!]

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