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HAZE: Free Downloadable Content Coming Soon
posted on 05.23.08 at 01:29 PM EST by (@salromano)

If you’ve picked up HAZE you may have already noticed this, but this is for the people (like me) who have yet to see it. On the back of the case for HAZE above the game requirements and features, it says “Free Downloadable Content”. As of now, there is none on the store, but we suspect it will arrive soon. It will probably be new maps or weapons.

[Free Downloadable Content coming for HAZE]

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  • incredibilistic

    Based on the not-so-stellar reviews of the game I don’t think many people will bother with this one.

    One thing I can say about the game is that it’s getting a great deal of marketing. I see the commercial at least once a day. But there’s a good chance that if someone bought this game based solely on the commercial may not even notice that there’s free DLC, unless the game prompts them to go to the PSN Store and download extra content.