PocketStation app launched for PS Vita
posted on 11.05.13 at 06:41 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Sony's PSone Memory Card peripheral goes digital.

Last week, Sony Japan teased an important PocketStation announcement coming this week. Today, it was revealed to be a downloadable “PocketStation for PlayStation Vita” application for use with PocketStation-compatible downloadable PSone games.

There are currently 46 PSone titles on the Japanese PlayStation Store compatible with the PocketStation app. Find that list here.

The PocketStation app is free to download, but exclusive to PlayStation Plus members in Japan until December 3.

Watch a trailer below.

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  • Raoni Marques

    Hope it reaches western lands now.

    • uhawww

      Might not be useful. The west never got the PocketStation, so there’s only a rare few NA titles that kept their functionality through localization (I think some Square titles kept it). Sort of defeats the point.

      Oh well, it’s a free app, and there are a couple import titles on the NA PSN store…so I guess it wouldn’t hurt XD

      • Elvick

        FFVIII does.

        That alone is worth them bringing it over.

        • Raoni Marques

          And that’s pretty much why I wanted the app in the first place!

        • ayb91

          I personally dislike 8. 7 would be a great deal !!

        • http://kazriko2.tumblr.com Kazriko Redclaw

          Given that I’m 2 titles away from finishing all of the mainline FF games, I may have time soon to go back and replay 8 just to play with the Pocketstation features. I hope they bring that out over here.

          (The two left? FF4 and FF14.)

  • Michael DeAngelo

    I want this soo bad. I can finally play this missing gem that I missed in the past. Please come to America!

  • jujubee88

    Damn. I thought for sure it was hardware.

    Oh well, learned me not to make assumptions. =_=

  • Budgiecat


  • SOLOmio


  • DenjinJ

    Cute. I never got much use out of my PocketStation, but I still like it in concept. It was ok for playing Pop’n Music (3?) minigames. Even though Toro’s all over the original box for it, I didn’t play Mainichi Issho until the PSP version though, so I guess I missed the big selling point?

  • DenjinJ

    Teaser ad from Sony for this: