Tales of Zestiria, Tales of Zestias trademarked
posted on 08.07.13 at 11:30 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Next Tales game likely Tales of Zest-something.

Following last month’s trademarks for “Tales of Zestoria,” “Tales of Creales,” and “Tales of Castora,” Namco Bandai has trademarked the names “Tales of Zestiria” and “Tales of Zestias” in Japan.

By the sound of it, the next entry in the Tales series will be Tales of Zest-something.

Thanks, Hachima Kikou.

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  • bloodiOS

    I’m interested in whether or not it’ll be a cross-gen project…
    Edit: *LOL* Just noticed the Puella Magi costumes.

  • https://twitter.com/ExeForce87 ͜ʖ ͡°

    oh lol, obviously next tales will be TOZ.. not much letter left to choice, namco.. hahahha

  • Andrew Arndt

    So hype.

  • RedWolfe

    A few years ago…

    Gamer 1: Ugh, we haven’t seen a mainland tales game in the states since ’08. And to make it worse, it was a 360 exclusive…

    Gamer 2: Yeah, they even released a port for the PS3 but only in Japan. Guess we might as well give up hope on this series making it back to western shores…

    Namco Bandai: We’re proud to announce that Tales of Graces f is being localized and will be released in North America in the first half of 2012!

    Gamer 1: Wow, that was unexpected. Awesome!

    Gamer 2: This is definitely cool. But keep in mind that this was a Wii port… Japan is getting a new mothership title that was developed exclusively for the PS3 but I wouldn’t hold my breath on seeing that stateside…

    Fast forward to this year…

    Namco Bandai: We’re proud to annouce that Tales of Xillia is being localized and will be released in North America later this year! But that’s not all; Pre-order now for a free upgrade to the limited edition that comes with cool physical and in game extras!

    Gamer 1: Hooooooly Shit! Consider it pre-ordered!

    Gamer 2: Ditto on that. Man, at this rate, I wonder if…

    Namco Bandai: I know you’re still high off of our last announcement but we’d also like to mention that the sequel is ALSO being localized and will be available next year.

    Gamer 1: OMFG *dies*

    Gamer 2: TAKE MY MONEY! ALL OF IT!

    Namco Bandai: Oh, but what’s that? You said you want MOAR Tales!?

    *files trademarks for 5 fucking more Tales games*

    Gamer 1: O_O

    Gamer 2: But my wallet…

    • Bryce Blalex Douglas

      You forgot we’re also getting Tales of Symphonia HD

      • RedWolfe

        Indeed I did.

        Man…and I haven’t even finished Graces f yet :P

        • AdamBoy64

          Yeah, lolz, I can relate.
          I haven’t started Graces F yet.

          Picked up Xillia today, stored it, and it’s like, “well, I’ll see this again in a few years.”

          • RedWolfe


            I told myself that I wouldn’t get Xillia until I mopped up the other titles in my backlog but damnit if I’ve had to fight the urge to splurge since it came out.

            On top of that, I even have a 360 copy of Vesperia that I’m begrudgingly keeping sealed because:

            1) I want the “complete” PS3 version not just for the extras but for the sake of having the series on one console (I’ve considered importing many times).

            2) I haven’t finished Graces f yet lol. It’s probably not a good idea to try to get through 2 50+ hour J-RPGs at the same damn time, in the increasingly limited time I have *le sigh*

    • Sae-Won Yoon

      It’s surreal to think we were more pessimistic then about Tales then we are now.

    • almostautumn

      That’s great and all, but how about the two Japan-Exclusive titles that have been remade on the Vita and aren’t being localized…

      Sorry, but that’s ridiculous. All JRPG gamers have recognized that the handheld is where the genre has gone and are eagerly anticipating these releases with their Vita’s. The fact that Namco won’t do it because they expect Sony to sell hardware without games is just disgusting. Without investment any and all products will fail; except, as the games are already built, there is really no reason for them to not scrape together the cash for English translation. Digitial-only; whatever; gamers just want to play.

      Screw Namco-Bandai; there is no reason to defend them. They represent the very worst of business ethics in regards to the Videogame industry, and should not be excused for it.

      • Xenovelgr

        Why the hell would they waste their money and time localizing games they know aren’t going to sell well? It’s not worth the risk. Tales isn’t big enough to move systems in the west and the vita doesn’t have a large userbase. Sure, it sucks, but get over it.
        We still have access to their games. Import them. Vita is region free. There’s guides and translations on the internet.

        • OverlordZetta

          That would mean something if we also didn’t get the DS and even most of the PSP titles when the DS, at least, was doing fantastically.

          Face it. It’s got nothing to do with whether or not the games will sell. By that logic, we should have gotten at least ONE DS Tales. Baba is just a right bigot and wants as little of his precious series coming overseas as possible, and the fact it takes TWO YEARS to localize them is just criminal.

          • Xenovelgr

            He’s a bigot? Is this a joke?

            You people and you’re crazy conspiracy theories. It’s about money, plain and simple. The series is a mainstream series in Japan, and they spend mainstream money on stuff like voice acting and get mainstream sales. It’s a niche series in the west, and spending mainstream money on a niche series isn’t a financially sound idea.

        • Elvick

          Shoo. Attach rate is healthy on PS Vita. That’s all that matters. The fact they didn’t localize tales on the DS throws that argument to the wind anyway.

          And there are plenty of people waiting for the Japanese support, in the west, to increase before buying the Vita. They want it to at least match the PSP’s support.

          Atelier did well and it was a stealth release, and it’s even more niche than Tales is.

          TK seems to be happy with what they’re getting on the PS Vita, as they continue to localize plenty of their niche titles.

          NB is just using it as an excuse to continue to half ass Tales.

          • Xenovelgr

            the Atelier series doesn’t cost NEARLY AS MUCH TO LOCALIZE. Those games are cheaply made, which is apparent if you’ve ever played one. They use bottom of the barrel seiyuus and half ass their english dubs.

            Tales meanwhile has as much dialogue as a goddamn visual novel and they pay their seiyuus accordingly. That’s…not cheap at all.

      • RedWolfe

        As a non-Vita owner, I can’t really sympathize with how you feel but I do know that having the games you want to play not get localized, kinda sucks (still holding out for PS3 Vesperia localization :P)

        However, I do have to agree with Xenovelgr, to an extent, on the current state of the Vita over here in the states and the risks associated with localizing titles for it.

        Although if that were the case, to play Devil’s Advocate, then no publisher should localize titles for the Vita, which simply isn’t true. I mean look at ATLUS who localized and released both Persona 4 Golden and Muramasa: Rebirth exclusively for the Vita (though, to an extent, they are just ports which are a bit easier to get a ROi from) and to my knowledge have been fairly successful (parent company issues aside).

        My comment above was made purely in jest and is somewhat of a dramatization of my experience with Namco Bandai these past years and is in no way representative of our community as a whole. Sorry, if I offended you.

        • almostautumn

          heh, it’s all good. Sorry if I sounded aggressive; I was just replying, with a bit of frustration, at Namco, not at you.
          Gematsu hugs <333

          And your third paragraph is kind-of my whole point. Namco made a statement that it's because of Vita HW sales that they won't localize the games— but the issue is that if companies aren't going to bring games to what is still a relatively new system, then how on Earth is it going to increase in HW sales? It's a give-and-take industry; the HW is provided for the games, and the games are provided for the HW. If either-or cancels out then all industries involved with the product are going to fail.
          This is what I mean when I say I think N-B has bad ethics in regards to the industry, and this can be noted with other titles of theirs as well. It is great that we're getting Xillia (2), but that doesn't mean it nessecarilly justifies screaming praise for a company that has repeatedly neglected its actual consumers for that of extremely skeptical statistical-analysis.

      • OverlordZetta

        Pretty much all of this.

      • Chris Yuen

        Compared to the Namco of the past, I would say that the current Namco is already doing quite a nice job. Ni no Kuni? The thought-to-be-impossible Project X Zone? A freaking same day confirmation that Western fans are getting the ToS Chronicles as well? Was this even possible in the past? Not to mention that Xillia 2 bomb as well. holy crap Baba, Xillia One wasn’t even released yet.

        I own a Vita as well and when Mr Hideo Baba visit my country for one of our local convention nearing the end of August, I’ll be sure to tell him face to face that I appreciate what he is doing for the overseas Tales Of fans. I’ll also affirm my fate in him and his team that they will eventually localize the two titles to add to my Vita game library collection.

        He had previously stated that he might consider it if the support for it continues to be strong, but I also can’t deny that the sale figures of the Vita makes it seem like a risky move for him. He got stockholders etc to answer to, after all. What we can do is just to put faith in him.

        In my eyes, Namco and Baba are already faring far better than Sega with their thing about a English localization of Valkyria Chronicles 3. I’m still hoping that it will happen…one day, eventually.

    • http://lukalovesgames.blogspot.de/ Alkaid

      Well it wasn’t much of a surprise, since most of the Tales of Fans basically fought years (over twitter, facebook, petitions and some forums) for the release of either Vesperia for PS3 or Graces. And then they ‘trolled’ us with a picture (we had to guess what it was) that basically very well could’ve been both games. Sadly only Graces F was released here.
      *remebering it well*
      Plus Xillia’s Announcement wasn’t really that shocking, since NB already announced with Graces F that “Xillia ‘s appearance outside of Japan wouldn’t be related to the sales of Graces”.

      On the other hand that the pre-order demand was actually that high, that they announced Xillia 2 even before the release of the Anniversary Game really was quite astounding.
      And it was in no way predictable that they would announce Symphonia HD as well (even for us).

      Looking back on it, the first half of 2013 was really crazy. And 2014 will be a really nice year for Tales of Fans as well.
      I’ll be looking forward to every Tales release, too bad the PSVita remakes seem to be stuck in Japan. Would love me some Hearts and Innocence R. :/

      Edit: Ya got some nice skit material here though. ;)

      • RedWolfe

        Haha, yeah.

        This is somewhat of a dramatization of my experience with NB for the past year and I should put a disclaimer that the views expressed may or may not be representative of actual events :P

        • http://lukalovesgames.blogspot.de/ Alkaid

          Hahaha. Well it’s close enough, the result is the same. ;)
          PS. Ya should try to finish graces, the skits later in the game are really something!

          Thanks for answering btw, hope you’ll continue to enjoy the releases with us all. ^ ^

    • OverlordZetta

      Gamer 3: Still waiting on those Vita games, you xenophobic bastards. :'(

      • DyLaN

        At least we have the english patches for the NDS ver of Innocence and Hearts.

      • Bec66

        Okay really NB isn’t keeping those games in japan to be assholes there’s honestly very little profit to gain from localizing them right now with the vitas sales.

    • Bec66

      Namco Bandai: You’ll have time to refill your wallet.

  • MrRobbyM

    Tales of Zesty calling it now

    • DarthBrian

      Yeah. Sounds yummy too.

    • http://www.santashi.com/ Santashi

      With the fresh faced protagonist Lemon.

  • Tenshiken

    I’m sorry, I was staring at the pic of of Milla wearing a Madoka Magica costume.

  • http://www.rapist.com ghostbooster

    will release in japan 2014, 2016 on the west

    times like this i wish i lived in japan

    • OverlordZetta

      More like 2017 in the west, if at all.

  • https://twitter.com/GaleGlory89 KiQun

    This might make appearance at TGS. Hope Xillia will be a fresh start for this to come sooner.

    Just got Xillia yesterday, yet I’m eager for its sequel next year.

  • Niyari

    awww i was hoping for Castora. this next game is going to make me hungry whenever i play it

  • Pyrofrost

    Well, whatever this is; as long as it’s a mothership title, I will get it day one.

  • Raidou

    These 3 Tales names, Were all of it come from Restore, Create, and Catastrophe or something near that?

  • DyLaN

    I’m more interested in whether or not the PMMM DLC is available when TOX2 got localized…

    Plot twist: TOX2 MC is the core for the incubators @_@

  • Ace

    You’re not fully clean until you’re ZEST fully clean~

  • artemisthemp

    Could sound like Vita games, which mean EU won’t see them :(

  • http://www.psvitadirect.com/ Kurisu Makise

    I’m curious, how far in advance does Namco Bandai trademark the mothership titles. I know they usually trademark a few names before picking one but is there any notable patterns? Do they do the same tactic for the spin-offs as well?

  • Gilgamesh2025

    Ugh, those names … -.-

  • PrinceHeir

    Tales of Zestos XD