Square Enix reopens 10th anniversary countdown site
posted on 05.22.13 at 08:14 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Counter stuck at 00:46:49.

On April 1, Square Enix launched a 10th anniversary teaser site, celebrating Squaresoft’s merger with Enix on April 1, 2003, that disappeared a day later.

Today, it’s relaunched that teaser site with a new message and countdown clock stuck at 00:46:49.

As of April 1st we’ve reached our 10th anniversary! We hope you’ll continue supporting us going forward as well!

Well, last time on this site we said “we are thinking about various things.” Now, we are working on a lovely (and a tad heartwarming) site.

As soon as preparations are in order, the counter will start moving. Please wait a little longer. ROCK’N ROLL!

What could Square be teasing?

Thanks, FF Reunion.

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  • Elvick

    In before the disappointment.

    I have no faith in SE teases.

    • gigantor21

      Even if it IS good, there’s no guarantee it’ll come out anytime soon. Like, within the next 7 years. :p

      • Sevyne

        And when it finally does, it’ll never leave Japan.

  • Cry_Zero

    Maybe Final Fantasy XIII-4? I fucking hate SE… They should sell KH and VERSUS to other companies…

    • Chocozell

      For Kingdom Hearts they are doing well, not so well, but not so bad like for FF

    • surakian

      Except there will be no XIII-4 as LRFF is the last game in the XIII trilogy.

      • Cry_Zero

        So they claim…

  • http://www.samuraiprincess.com Mr Fwibbles

    Something to do with iOS. I don’t even care enough to think about it in any depth.

  • refrain

    Maybe we can finally have Final Fantasy Town, the ultimate social game?

    • Elvick

      Dragon Quest Village will be better.

  • hungman13

    46->4+6=10 ( the 10th day? )
    49->4+9=13 ( 2013? )
    00 in place for where the month should have been,maybe because less than a month remains for E3 conference

    …maybe a kingdom hearts ( based on the choice of words,lovely and heartwarming ) related reveal during Sony E3 conference (6/10/2013) ?? ….

    or a social game for ios/android :D

    • Pekola

      Oh man, heartwarming? Maybe it does have to do with KH. But I really think it might just be something browser based and just that.

      E3 can’t come soon enough.

  • Adol Christin

    ROCK’N ROLL! Alrighty then :P

  • Alos88

    What are they teasing? Games for platforms I will never be interested in, no doubt.

  • Nice Boat

    It could be the official announcement that Versus will be renamed. The problem is the reléase date. At least it can’t be more disappointing than Microsoft’s reveal, can it?

  • http://www.facebook.com/ruwahart Ruwah

    Doesn’t seems like something to celebrate to me. 10 years from when the things started to go bad. YAY

  • xMCXx

    “As of April 1st we’ve reached our 10th anniversary! We hope you’ll continue supporting us going forward as well!”
    There could not be a more fitting date for this.

  • Anime10121

    God it seems like the only thing to come outta Squares mouth nowadays is “please wait” :(

  • Rafael Martines

    Where is my remake of Final Fantasy Tactics The War of the Lions (With Online Co-Op and Trophies) for Vita/PS3 Square Enix? Stop with iOS and Android ports >__<

  • http://ugnnultragamingnewsnetwork.co.uk/ Matthew McNamee

    Please be Kingdom Hearts 3, Please be Kingdom Hearts 3

  • Chippy

    countdown is when the Noctis perfume will be available for pre order

  • Warboss Aohd

    if dey woz Smart? FF13 Versus or Kingdom Hearts 3.

    what it actually iz? i dunno.

  • Cyrox

    46:49 could be decoded to be “YOROSHIKU” by transliterating each number into Japanese (4 = YO, 6 = RO, 4 = SHI, 9 = KU). It’s not an uncommon stylization that the Japanese use for frequently used phrases. Another example would be 39 (3 = SAN, 9 = KYUU: “SANKYUU”, or “Thank you”).

    “Yoroshiku” is a Japanese phrase which roughly means, “Please continue to support us in our future endeavors”.

    • http://www.guidingtech.com/ Alvaro Bernedo

      You go it! I was thinking exactly the same here.

    • Kefkiroth

      Isn’t 6 “roku?” Makes sense, though.

      • Cyrox

        Yep. And 4 is actually YON (or SHI). The Japanese will use whichever number transliterates as closely as possible to the letter they’re trying to pronounce. It’s not perfect, but it gets the message across.

  • Gilgamesh2025

    I totally agree with ‘Matthew McNamee’!

  • Prodigy-X

    Its FF XV (Versus XIII)

  • JoJo_649

    Something lame like another browser game? please Square screw that stuff and bring REAL content for REAL consoles, finish Versus and call it XV for PS4, do a Final Fantasy V and VI remakes on 3DS and a third Dissidia and VII remake on Vita.

  • bloodiOS

    I want Valkyrie Profile

    • http://twitter.com/kazumalynx Zero

      How about a sequel where you play as Hrist? (She is the main character.)

  • Budgiecat

    10 years of fail..why celebrate?
    That’s like celebrating how long you’ve had an STD…

  • Hidayat246

    Please U are BIG COMPANY SE
    how u can trolling gamer around the world with this ????

  • new_tradition

    Interesting timing. E3 is closing in as the days tick by, so I wonder if they’ll open this 10th Anniversary site before or after that event.

    EDIT: It’s starting to count down now. As I type this it says 13:33:29, 28, 27, etc…

    Okay, now I’m a little excited. We’ll know in less than 14 hours O_O

  • LordKaiser

    FFI-VI in HD for the PS3 plz.

  • http://twitter.com/RaiuLyn Raiu

    Funny… since the merger happened, it all started to go downhill from there… I don’t see a reason to celebrate a 10th year anniversary of “a company that used to be a famed and beloved JRPG powerhouse”…

  • Sae-Won Yoon

    Something on the Ivalice Alliance would be a nice change of pace.

  • PhoenixAutomatic~♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪~

    An update is there, a trailer based on delinquents has appeared and seems to be quite weird. I believe it’s regarding some people in the company? :O.. I’m not too sure.

    • new_tradition

      Haha, so much for countdown. I finally refreshed my page and I saw the link and then that vid-what the heck? xD

      I haven’t watched enough anime to understand all the memes and references used to boot.

  • PrinceHeir

    come on Square!